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What's your favorite Flat ride?

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I love inverting ships. Just rode my first at BGA a couple months ago.

I love anything that spins.

I love top spins and I love Huss frisbees.


IMO, there should be more flat rides at parks. SFOG is my home park and we have all of two flat rides. It is kind of disappointing in that respect.


BTW, what is a whip?


SFOG has a lot more than 2 flats. I think you mean it has 2 flats that you think are exciting. What is a whip? Ha. Ha. You see a women has a whip in her ...., and ....


Really, a whip is a square figured type of ride, and the 10 or so cars turn the corners really fast, so it whips you around. http://flatrides.com/Ride%20Index%20Pages/whip.html


As for me, my favorite flat is the:

Tivoli Orbiter (that tilts so that the cars are almost perpendicular to the ground.) There are other Orbiters that don't do that, and they are just bad, and boring.


Others great flats in my opinion are:

Chance Zipper

Tivoli / KMG Spin Out (It was more made by KMG than by Tivoli in my opinion though.)

KMG Fireball /Afterburner

Zamperla Power Surge

Chance Wipeout

Zamperla Shocker

Chance Chaos

Sartori Crazy Surf (It's looks similar to the KMG Miami I have never been on.)


Eyerly Spider or Octopus

Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl (NOT G5 like Cypress Gardens, and I think electric aren't that great.)

Chance Yo-Yo (that tilts thus so the cars in the air aren't directly behind one another when tilting. That means there is barely any tilt when one car is directly behind another car, or even very close to another car. SFOT has a horrible Yo-Yo in my opinion.

Chance Alpine Bobs / Music Fest / Thunderbolt / Flying Bobs

KMG Freak Out

Hi-Lite Rides Scat

Tivoli Force 10

Moser Spring Ride

PTC Carousel (that's run fast)

Shrawtkopf Polyp


Someone asked a long time ago, what is Tower of Terror at MGM (Disney's Hollywood Studios). It's a drop ride. You board this elevator, go through this story about people dying in the tower, and than you get to the drop sequence. The ride drops many times up and down. It's different than the other drop towers that go up the tower, and than release once. It's goes up and down many times, and you feel airtime in your seat.


When I think of why they call a ride flat, I think of that it's in one place, and it's flat in one area. It's doesn't take up 9000 feet of track, but it's stationary like someone said. I think towers should be a flat ride than. Thus, add to that list of greats, the Tower of Terror. I personally like DCA's better because I don't care about the story. I want the drops!


When you ride that ride once a day, you think let's enjoy the story. When you ride it 20 times, you are sick of the story already, and just want to get to the dropping part. I'm the second person.


For the SPIDER person, this is sort of like a Spider. It's an Octopus, but it's almost the same thing as a Spider. The cars spin on their own through the ride.


A Spider has 2 cars on each arm while the Octopus has 1 car on each arm. This is the spider, but it's too dark at night to see what's happening. http://youtube.com/watch?v=qbL5eN2EknY


This is a Troika: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ly6i-bMuIqg

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I personally like DCA's better because I don't care about the story. I want the drops! When you ride that ride once a day, you think let's enjoy the story. When you ride it 20 times, you are sick of the story already, and just want to get to the dropping part. I'm the second person.

Tower of Terror @ MGM has more drops that Tower of Terror @ DCA

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^I found out that the drop sequence is about the same amount of time for both of them. It's about a minute:

MGM: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9ZGYPvlcX-E&feature=related (about 3.45 minutes)



(2 1/2 minute ride)


I find those two rides interesting. For MGM (Hollywood Studios), the ride is sort of built like a square while DCA (I don't think is.). For the MGM one, you are in the basement when you get off, and than it moves sideways (when no one is on it), and than it goes up to the floor where you board. Than it raises up, and than it goes sideways. After it goes sideways, it's ready to drop. Than, it empties, and goes sideways when there are no people in at the bottom floor. There are 4 elevators for this ride.


For the DCA one, I believe that it just goes up and down, and it doesn't go sideways. I think there were only 3 elevators instead of 4. If it did go sideways, than they would have that story, but they don't. Also, I believe that this one takes a lot more time to board. There is a bottom floor, and a top floor to board the elevator. It probably uses the same elevators for each. However, what they could have done is actually have 2 elevator vehicles in each shaft. They can just move the elevator vehicle that's boarding forward more so that the other elevator can go up and down through the shaft. Remember, that these elevator vehicles can turn, and move on the track.


So, you board on the bottom floor. This elevator vehicles departs. After maybe the minute and a half mark, the elevator vehicle on the top floor opens up. It's moved foward so it's not in the shaft. People start loading the ride. The other elevator vehicle is finally done, and it goes to the bottom floor where it belongs. It's sitting there waiting until this top floor elevator vehicle is done with. Maybe, there are two elevator vehicles, but maybe there isn't. I don't know.


For the other MGM, there could be 3 elevator vehicles. I imagine is has to clear a certain section in order for it to work properly. If you are in the drop section, than you can't have an elevator right near the drop section. If the people taking there time on the bottom aren't out of the vehicle, than it can't drop. It's too close to the other vehicle. Obviously, they spent more money into MGM than DCA. It shows.

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^ Each elevator shaft on the DCA/TDS/DSP version has two vehicles, so there's a total of six vehicles between the three shafts. There loading on the DCA version is an inverted F.


MGM's has four up shafts, and the shafts merge into two drop shafts.

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I know a lot of you around the world like to see our British Waltzers in action, well a friend of mine has made this video showing arguably the best one we have. You can't really tell in the video, but the DJing is all live, and the music is pretty intense, as is some of the language over the microphone!






As for answering the question about my favourite flat ride, for me it has to be either a well run Break Dance or a Mondial Inferno

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I love the ride which is in the middle of the picture, unes.com/signatunes/]FoxyTunes[/url][/img]


The official name is "Jump & Smile", although it's often known by other names. It's a ride that is extremely common on the British fairs, and very popular. It works very well but only f the operator can generate a good atmosphere.


Here's a video of what I think was the first one in the UK, being run extremely well:



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Tower of Terror at Disney studios in Flordia is by far my favorite flat. Especially the new version(well new to me when I rode it last year)with the random drops, it's just to awesome for words really.


As for classic flats I'm a huge fan of carousels and have problems leaving parks without riding one at least once. (Although I'm not a fan of the carousal at Great adventure, I actually find it to grotesque looking to ride. Hershey's carousel, disney world magic kingdom and the one at wonderland pier in ocean city are my favorites to name a few)

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My favorite is Endavor at CGA. Its unique-there aren't many of those larger swinging ships that go upside down. Plus I think its one of the most intense flat rides. BTW: Drop Tower & Tower Of Terror are not flat rides! They're drop rides so they don't count.

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