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When was the worst time you had at a Theme Park?

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Hmmmm, Probably would have to say that my worst experience was actually at carowinds. It was a few years ago, before I could drive. So my friend and I went to the park, it pretty much poured with thunderheads the whole day. With the two of us being so young, we did not have cars so we had to wait for my friends dad to come back and pick us up. It really wasnt that bad of an experience, but its the worst that I have come upon so far. What really made it bad though, was the old dude wearing a speedo, saw him like 3 different times. That was terrible...

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It was this one time at Valleyfair where I was on a group trip* and I was coerced into a group with people who were afraid to ride some of the bigger rides (i.e. Steel Venom, Wild Thing, you get the idea). I really wanted to ride these rides, but I couldn't. It was disappointing.


*I might have deserved it though. :/

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I haven't had many but I would have to say my worst time at a theme park was last new years eve. It was totally awesome except for one big thing. I went with a group of friends and some uninvited "friends" showed up and caused alot of drama. Alot of dumb arguing and fighting. Not much coaster riding. We did end the year on Medusa which was cool but the dumb fighting at the beginning pretty much killed it for me.

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SFOG back in September...


It was the day before the park flooded. There had been a light rain falling that day and I couldnt head out there until around 330p or so. Before I headed out the door, I called to verify they were still open...they were still open until 8p. Well I made it out there and as soon as I walked in around 4p they said the park was closing at 6p. WTF?


Luckily the park was really empty, but I only got one ride on each of the coasters I was missing from my last super short trip. They cant really help the weather, but the closing early was annoying (especially when I had called 30 min before). I imagine if it wasnt for the Key Club conference in the park earlier in the day, they wouldn't have even opened.

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