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Photo TR: PKD 4/2/06

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Sorry Guys I uploaded the pics backwards, start at the bottom and work up!



Lalalalala the day was good. Very good. The only thing I think that made me angry, was that many coasters were only running one train, and Hypersonic was only running two. Other then that, it was great! Not very crowded at all.


First, we head over to Hypersonic, because last time I was here (Halloween) I was the NEXT person to get on. I was behind the gate and everything, the gate opens, the ride breaks, the park closes, I have to leave. So after waiting the ENTIRE winter, I finally get to ride.


They didn't open the entire line, just the part that lead to the stairs. They didn't open the part that leads back over the launch. Anywho it was about 25 minutes, plus approx....... eh lets say 5 minutes for front (It was like everyone was smokin the crack rocks....NO ONE waited for front).


Anywho this being my first time on XLC, I had no clue what to expect. WOW. The launch was amazing, it just kept like it was getting faster and faster and faster, truely an amazing launch. My favorite. I did not like the trims going up or down the tower. Is it me? Or is XLC pretty damn rough, yeah moving on....


Next we headed over to Ricochet. 5 Minutes wait. A fun mouse coaster, one of my favorites, but I don't think the laterals were strong enough. Next was Rebell Yell (Backwards). Now let me say, this woodie has probablly the most airtime of any woodie that I can remember, but DAMN is it rough.


After that, took some IB (DRUGS! ) we headed over to Drop Zone . The line was short also, about 5 minutes. Up, Down, great, love that ride. You feel like your falling forever. Hmm what was next, Some Subway for lunch...


Headed over tooooo...Volcano!!!


The line was INCREDIBLY short!


The wait was only about 25 minutes (Pssst! thats short for Volcano!)


They did open the switch backs during our wait though. Well, we got on, got off....this is my lover coaster, If you could have sex with a roller coaster, this would be the one.


After that, we got some Anaconda. Walk on. Let me tell you, walking over to Anaconda, and knowing that you wont be able to hit FOF next is acually very depressing.


Anaconda hasn't changed, it's mostly smooth, except for the twisty part after the first break run. Other then that its a great Arrow coaster that HAS aged well.


BTW shockwave DID get new paint. It was prolly the longest wait all day telling from the line, we never rode it.


After Anaconda was Tomb Raider. Our longest wait all day. about 30 minutes. The line moves SO slow. Anywho it was my first time. I some how always seem to pass by this ride when I go to the park. Wow! I really liked it. It was much different then regular huss top spins. It was much more comfortable to. Altough durning like the last two flips (the most intense of about 10 flips throughout the ride) It feels like the ride is giving in and about to collapse. I really didn't like it.


Anywho after that it was pretty much a day. Now we just had to venture up I-95 to Germantown, MD. that was a nice 4 hours (we usually make it in an hour!). Traffic the entire way It did give us a good chance to test our New Hybrid Ford Escape. We managed to get the milage up to 34 MPG! It was amazing, the car stayed on electric almost the entire way, except when we went up hills, it had to switch to Hybrid or Engine drive. It was fun watching the AVG MPG: Meter go up and up and up. We got excited every point something it went up. lol



Alltogether, the park was great. Sure they didn't have two train operation on most coasters. And Hurler was being retracked, it was a nice day. Hey, its only there second day of operation, it will get better. Everyone seemed to be nice and the midways were very clean.


Oh, BTW, IJ looks like $HIT


One last thing. SO many people came to the park expecting Italian Job being open. When they figured out, I saw tons of people outraged. It was acually quite funny. "Why they F***ING have a ride and say its open when it ain't finished" or my personal favorite, "Wheres The Italian Coaster? (this happened in the new patio so I point over to construction) Oh hell no, It ain't even finished."


lol sorry couldn't resist.


TTYL BYOTCH I'm about to get on XLC!






Ohh! Painted Shockwave with flowers and assorted trees.


Banked turn...


Ughhh IJ construction


Hahahaha! Suckas you got stuck


Mainly empty Midway :)


heres an EXTREME zoom, you tell me...

Did Volcano receive fresh paint this year, or is it still nice and pretty from last year.


The japanese exchange student...sakura



and Yes! Tatsu DOES mean Dragon.




Empty Q inside of Volcano...




Teer. Excuse me while I go slit my wrists.


Come Back!!!


Crappy IJ Helix.


IJ.... :




The pointless patio


there was nothing in it...


Exceterah exceterah more IJ the turd coaster.


Light 'em up!


Tomb Raider is already falling apart


Inverting ship of doom


I've never ridden these, but for some odd reason...always have wanted too


This was 4:00, when we left! yah. Ghost town.


WhaaAAat? I mean come on...I'd bang me.


All alone.


Empty Parking lot of...space?


Ah, Lets start the day off the right way. With foldgers coffee... Ugh hem


I mean XLC. Who can resist the delicious taste of 0-80 in 1.8 seconds?

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Thanks for the update man...


Although there's still a lot of crap, it looks like they have most of the track assmbled on Italian Job... maybe they're heading in the right direction now. I was worried even just a couple months ago when the entire site was a pile of dirt after a relatively mild winter in RIC.


That picture of FOF is the saddest thing ever .

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Nice TR man I was 1 second away from creating mine but I will keep it all on one thread and add my pics.


Well they rearranged Grizzly's Q line for the new go cart track.

I met Chuck (CFC) at noon and we had a great time...a very nice day at the park. Most rides had problems staying up but unbelievably XLC stayed up all day with no probs...crazy. Hurler was down for re-tracking in the first turn (Thank God) Shockwave's 2nd train was MIA as in not even there..but it did look nice I will let the picture do the talking now.

I was able to take some cool footage and POVs at the park today...check the video forums later




leaving the park I decided to go to doswell drive...still too many trees




New grizzly Q


new go cart site (more trees leave grizzly =( )


same Richochet (sadly)


New Hurler work


Still the best drop ride IMO



Volcano duh


Helix pre dumb parking deck prop




Cheesy Chopper and the Yell




IJ & Anaconda

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Nice work, gents. It was, indeed, a good day at PKD--thanks for haging out with me, Jeff. (By the way, some of my little digital video of Ricochet did work, and although it isn't something I post on the boards, it's not a bad little souvenir.)


And here's a few pics of my own to round out the day (I'm forming a little "Photo TR" story, that I might post later, if it pans out--sort of a "hard-boiled" detective story.)


Volcano from the Eiffel Tower.

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Nice work, gents. It was, indeed, a good day at PKD--thanks for haging out with me, Jeff. (By the way, some of my little digital video of Ricochet did work, and although it isn't something I'd post on the boards, it's not a bad little souvenir.)


And here's a few pics of my own to round out the day (I'm forming a little "Photo TR" story, that I might post later, if it pans out--sort of a "hard-boiled" mystery tale.)


EDIT: Oops! Bizarre double post--can't seem to delete the first one, though.


And remember kids, since smoking kills, you may as well crush your butts out in this cool ashtray.


"With a Rebel Yell, she cried more, more, more . . ." And she was running both forwards and backwards today.


After hacking through the treacherous jungle underbrush, we at last encounter the menacing Anaconda in its native habitat.


Grizzly--one onery ol' bar that'll chew you up, spit you out, and chew you up again. My favorite of PKD's woodies.


Volcano from the Eiffel Tower.

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Are you for reals, that they are building Go-Karts near Grizzly?! If so, that is horrid. They need to plant some major trees and get it back in the woods.


Where do you enter Grizzly at now?


I won't be able to visit PKD this year since I'm in Florida, but its not like I'm missing much. I rather go when FoF is open.

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