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The Official Mlb 2006 Thread

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I like Atlanta to go all the way IF, and I really mean IF, they can get by the NY Mets this year. And as far as that goes If NY Mets don't win it this year, they never will..


On the other side I like the CHI- White Sox, I'm not a White Sox fan, more of a Cub fan from that city, but they look good.


I wounder what St.L is going to do this year with all the big bats in there line up.


I hope that NY Y & the Red Sox stay in last place.

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I got to see my Rangers lose to the BoSox, 7-3. I was really upset with this game because I had thought Kevin Millwood would have been a great addition for us, but we will have to see. Our rookie looked great, and Hank hit a HR.


So besides the 3,000+ BoSox Fans, the intense sun burning, terrible upper-deck out-field seats, and the fact that we lost, the game was still fun.


Go Rangers!

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I'm a Giants fan, so it's going to be an interesting year. If Bonds plays 100 games, I'm confident we're going far. My picks for the divisions...AL West-Angels, AL Central-White Sox, AL East-Yankees, AL Wild Card-Red Sox/Blue Jays/Indians, NL West-Giants if Bonds plays 100 games Dodgers if not, NL Central-Cardinals, NL East-Mets, NL Wild Card- Braves.


Going to be a fun season!

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I fear that once again my Cubbies will suffer through another lack luster year.


What's more irritating is all the morons that keep buying tickets to support the ownership. Why put a competitive team on the field when you keep breaking your own ticket records each year? I'm actully going to Cleveland and Phoenix to see them play. At least those teams made the world series in the past two decades.

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Well, the Pirates are already 0-4, so I've already lost interest in this season.


Mark Cuban says he's interested in buying this team and keeping them in PA if things continue to get worse. I sure hope so, cause they BADLY need his money. Anyone they get who's talented ends up leaving.


If not...well, it looks like you're getting an MLB team, North Carolina.

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I'll be the first to say it...




Gosh it's a shame those World Champion Sox are playing terrible and the Indians are tied for first! /end sarcasm


PS - Hafner is an animal


EDIT: Oh and the Indians just so happen to be first in the ESPN power rankings! I'd love to see them in the World Series this year!

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Woohoo! Cards win the first game at Busch III.


Keep this in your memory for trivia games:


First hit: Carlos Lee

First HR: Bill Hall

First Cardinals hit: David Eckstein

First Cardinals HR: Albert Pujols

First HR by a pitcher: MARK MULDER!!!!


Go Cardinals!

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Well, I'm actually disappointed of last weekend...the A's were headed there...they were kicking arse game by game....then they suddenly flopped with the 'get pwn3d' curse for the next 4 games against detroit. Everyone at work are all A's fans as well so we were all let down at the end of last saturday.

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For me, the season came to a sudden stop when the A's got swept. (I would have liked to have seen the A's vs. Mets)


The Cardinal vs. Detroit could be interesting, Detroit has had about a month off to rest up whereas the Cardinals will be going on zero rest. I wouldn't expect very high TV ratings for this series, unless it goes to six or more games.


If I had to chose a winner today, I'd go with Detroit. They did manage to beat two teams who should (In my opinion) have beaten them, and they are on an impressive 7 game winning streak!

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