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Amazing water slides

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^I've been on one like tha tin Turkey, only far less airtime.




This little slide on the Sunshine Coast may not look like much, but it is insane. What makes it insane is the absolute lack of safety! The turns are insanely tight and easy to injure yourself on, the first slide lands in a pool where everyone else waits for the second slide, making collisions inevitable and there are NO rules. You can go on your stomach, linked with friends, on your knees etc and the staff don't batt an eyelid.


Oh my god, using my secret method for speed on body slides I kid you not, I would DIE riding this thing. Or at least break whatever it is I land on when I fly out of that last turn.

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I can remember seeing that looping water slide. If I'm not mistaken I was getting ready to start my freshman year in high school summer of 91?? I never saw it run that day. I came across this interesting article about it. That was an interesting park. I can just remember thinking how insanely cold the water was.



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Defiantly the rides at mountain creek none of them feel safe and half of them were just tarp over a hill! Loads of fun though!


Well it was Action Park at one time and we all know how that ended up... I went to Mountain Creek once and thought I was going to flip over on one of the tube slides there.

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Not sure if it's been mentioned, but Abyss at Atlantis Bahamas was crazy.

I'm pretty sure I felt my self lift off the slide at one point. Plus, just ending in an underground grotto with huge aquariums all around is a pretty sweet way to end a slide.

I LOVE that slide! It's my favorite body slide ever because of how much amazing theming went into it. That, and the cave it ends in.




I remember seeing Splashtacular's renderings of their water slides, including their 360 rush slides. I always though if these were to become a reality, they would be the coolest water slides out there.


Low and behold, two parks in the United States currently own and operate their own versions of the 360 Rush, with another planned to be built. Have you guys seen these things, they look insane!


I cannot wait to try one. It'll probably be at the Spring Valley Beach water park in Alabama.


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This thing was pretty insane, gotta love old-school body/speed slides! Yup, that' me hurtling through the air!

This is the White Lightning speed slide at Raging Waters San Jose. The higher walls made me feel more at ease when obtaining such air...the landing was a bit of a thump but was well worth it!


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^Six Flags White Water has those exact slides, but with more drops. Dragon's Tail. An initial dip, followed by three drops. The last two producing airtime just like what you see in that photo!


Currently my favorite body slide at White water, and any water park that has them!

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^^ I did past internet research on finding the tallest. As far as I was able to see, that slide's has the tallest drop. It's not the tallest freestanding water slide in the world, but it is the tallest. Insano is only 49m.


I explained it more here: http://waterslidedatabase.blogspot.com/2012/03/tallest-water-slides.html


If you have any more pictures of it, feel free to share them. I'd like to see more of it!

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Defeniately Black Hole at Serena water park inside and outside in Finland.

At winter the inside is open and in the summer both are open.

ill show:

it's the black and red one. It starts with a 70 degree 4 foot drop and then continues with tons of speed into helixes and straight parts. It's pitch black all the time except it has a few led effects at some points. the speed is TERRIFYING. There is tons of water to increase the speed.


This waterpark also used to have a green 70 degree twist slide that was real tall but it got removed because it was too fast.

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it seems that the Galaxy Erding in Germany is building the slidewheel from Wiegand.Maelzer GmbH for 2014... looks incredible and could be fun:


img-source: http://www.wiegand-maelzer.com/typo3temp/pics/4607122155.jpg


if you follow the link bellow and click on the brochure of the slidewheel, you can see a 3d-rendering of the therme erdingen with the slidewheel installed on the last page:




it seems that the slide will end in a kind of water-channel

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I've seen some completely bizarre, WTF water slide designs (Polin Spheres come to mind) but this takes things to a whole new level. What I see from the video is that the raft will not actually be moving most of the time, with the rotation of the wheel guiding it along the layout (think Fishpipe and an ordinary slide had a love child), providing the illusion of movement to riders. Still, the design of this thing makes my jaw drop to the floor.

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