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SFKK Opening Day Photo TR 4/1/2006

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Despite the fact that I have a cold and am sort of in the process of losing my voice, I decided to go to SFKK for opening day. The plan was to leave by 9, but we did not get out the door until 9:45. It was rather cloudy and cold in Indianapolis when we left, and it stayed that way for most of the drive. Outside of Louisville, we were caught in the middle of standstill traffic for around half an hour. One of the bridges into the city was closed, so every vehicle trying to get into the city had to go over one bridge. Once we got on the bridge, the traffic suddenly got back to average speed and the park was in sight soon after that. We entered the parking lot, and payed the small parking fee of $5. (That is the good thing about the park sharing a parking lot with other things.)


We finally entered the park around 12:30 with the tickets that we printed off the Six Flags website, which were $10 less than buying them at the gate. Once we got into the park, the first thing I did was buy a Diet Coke. The price was insane! For a medium coke, it was $3.70! After that, we entered the line for Greezed Lightning. This was my first coaster of the season, and my 70th credit, and also my first shuttle loop. I enjoyed the ride! I liked the forces and the ride was overall good, and a nice addition to the park. After this, we went on the bridge to the other side of the park.


Chang was the first thing we rode on the other side. The line was about 30 minutes long, by far the longest wait of the day. Something noteworthy is that there are no large shades over the queene for Chang. I don't know if that is new this year or not, but they were not there the last time I was in the park. It was only running one train. I liked the ride and had minimal headbanging, but every other person in my group said that they thought it was way too rough. After Chang, we walked to T2 next door. It was actually running two trains. I really don't mind SLCs, but this was rough today. My head didn't bang much, but it did a few times. As we were walking down the exit path, the second train hit the brake run and two guys on it were screaming about how bad it was.


Next, we walked over to Thunder Run, which was running one train. I love this ride, and today was no exception. I have had better rides on it, but the airtime was still good. The line was also long for the day, at around 20 minutes. After that, we walked over to Twisted Twins. Only one side was running, and it was running one train. The ride was only a one train wait. We rode in the front, and while it was enjoyable, it was rather dull. Because the line was so short, we got in line again, and walked onto the back. It was much better in the park, and had very good airtime! It was so much better the second time. After TT, we did a few flats. Then, we went to Roller Skater. I already have the credit, but it was fun to act like a credit whore anyway.


We then went back to the front of the park and rode the enterprise, and then got a second ride on GL. We were all pretty much in the mood to leave after that, so we headed out. On the way though, we got in line for Hellavater and waited a few minutes. It was a good ride.


-Random comments- The park staff was good for the most park. Some were bored, but that is fine I guess. The park stayed clean all day as well. Also, I noticed several of the new Papa John's scattered throughout the park. They were stamping hands for readmission to the park for those who wanted it. Also, they now have employs to stand in the restroom, which I have never really seen at a park before. It was a good day at the park! After we left the park, we stopped at a Cracker Barrel an exit or two away from the park.


Now, here are some photos that I took...


Welcome back to Indiana...


Time for a healthy meal at CB...


See you later SFKK!


Fox News was filming at various locations in the park through the day


One of the several new Papa Johns in the park


Standing in line for the enterprise





Greezed Lightning... I WOULD have taken this shot with the train in it, but I took it from the car.


Some of the standstill traffic outside of Louisville


On the road to SFKK!

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Good TR.


I miss KK before it was SF. But that was also, before Chang, Twisted Twins (Sisters) - heck it was before Hellevator opened!


But I had my first 'taste' of two-person SLC goodness on T2, when it was all pink and red....


Good visit back in 1995, I believe.


Thanks for sharing your recent trip.


(EDIT: Change does not = Chang...)

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Were you that close to Columbus, OH or is there another city by that name? I'll assume it's a place in IN and move on. Sorry to see you had to return to Indiana. It looks like you had a nice opening day though. Give it some time, you'll get shots of coasters with trains in them. Nice TR - can't wait to see the employees in the bathroom. Also, which side of Twisted Twins was running? -Zach

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Thanks Bill, Justin, and Zach..



Yes, there is also a Columbus in Indiana. I am trying to remember which side of Twisted Twins was running, I just don't know the color. OK, You are walking through the line, and you get to the part where it splits into the two separate lines for each side. In this case the right side was running.


AKA the only side that is ever running.

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