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Green Lantern is a black dude?

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I think Hal Jordan did have the longest tenure of the Earth Green Lanterns. There was the original "golden age" Green Lantern, too--I can't remember his secret identity, but he wore a cape and his power ring had no effect on items made of wood. (Too bad his arch enemy wasn't some renegade pro ball player named the "Louisville Slugger.")


Oh, my misspent youth . . .

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^ Yea, and he was also a ACE member.


Ah, but Matter Eater Lad could eat anything and never seem to gain an ounce. (His girlfriend should've been "Laxative Lass.")

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John Stewart was the final "choice" for GL on Justice League and Unlimited because, for all PC intents and purposes, he was black. Originally, the creators were going to use current GL Kyle Ranier, but seeing the "Justice League" lacked a minority character (Martian Manhunter was the last of his people,talk about keeping a brother down), they bumped out cracker Kyle for the shaven head and jive stylings of John Stewart.


Also, heres a link to the most recent GLs

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Well, heres the true story of the Green Latern.


Sometime in the 1990's, Michael Jackson went from guy who did pop songs to the crazy white guy who molests children. Where did Michael Jackson get the white skin from? None other than the old Green Latern, he realised if he wanted to get chicks, he would have to be black. So, he became black and his secondary catchphrase is "Once you go black, you'll never go back!"


Since then, Green Latern has become the most awesomest black superhero ever. Michael Jackson, in the meantime, became a child molester.

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Two things:

One, I knew there have been a few Green Lanterns, including at least one black guy. I didn't know there had been so many guys wearing that ring over the years! What a bunch of quitters!


Two, Now I know why they've never done costume characters for the DC license. It's such a let down having real people try to portray the 'perfect people' that most superheroes are. (Yeah, I know. Batman's a mess, but he's always been a ladykiller, he just usually can't close the deal.)

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Be nice. And less brain-washed.

Lynda Carter, per imdb:

5' 9" (1.75 m)

Measurements: 38-26-38 (Miss World USA pageant)

Vital statistics in November 1986: 37-27-38


In comparison:

Sandra Bullock

5' 7½" (1.71 m)

Measurements: 33B-24-34 (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)


Methinks Ms. Carter had some very shapely junk in her trunk. The Wonder Woman we saw at SFGAdv Friday was FAR too skinny.

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