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The WDW Disney College Program

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Applications for the Spring, Spring Advantage, and Spring Advantage Quarter 2013 programs are online:




I've already filled mine out and submitted it - I've been waiting for the right time to do the program, and now it's here! Here's to hoping I'll be seeing some of you soon!

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I just submitted my application. I spent all of last semester contemplating it, read most of this thread as well as reviewed the website many times, and I decided that I could really use a new POV outside the college classroom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I wish other TPR applicants the best of luck

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I applied today and filled out the survey. I "passed" that and have an interview coming up that I need to schedule, but I am feeling optimistic... not sure why... maybe I am just naturally positive but I am VERY excited. Good luck to all applicants! FLORIDA HERE I COME!!!!!

Edit: Anyone have any advice for me? I have literally always dreamed about living in Orlando and working for Disney has always sort of been a dream of mine. I have always said I wanted to do the College Program and I am one step closer so if anyone can tell me ANYTHING AT ALL to help me out I would be VERY grateful!

Edit 2: Phone interview next Wednesday at 8pm! I am generally pretty good at interviews, but this one has the highest "stakes." Not getting the position would not make life any worse, but getting the position would make life much better. Wish me luck and good luck to all applicants. I will be keeping this thread up to date with each "step" to going to Orlando!

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I know this thread has been dead for almost two years, but I figured there was some newer TPR college students that might be contemplating applying soon (myself included). I'm currently going into my junior year and I'm thinking about applying for the spring 2015, but I may wait to apply for the fall 2015. To past DCP students, would you suggest applying during your junior year, or waiting until your senior year?

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