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Yet another coaster drawing

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Ok, I know this technically could be in the TPR Art forum but I think as well as you may think that this deserves it's own topic. First off, I'm assuming you know what Scratchboard is. For those who don't, it is simply a peice of paper coated with a thin layer of clay stuff, and coated with black India Ink. The artist takes an Xacto Knife and scratches the black off, showing the white layer underneath. So yesterday, I started a new scratchboard project for my advanced art class. And being a coaster fanatic as I am, I obviously take upon the challenge of a coaster. Many of you have seen my stippled B&M coaster, Mantis which looked quite difficult but the one I chose to do is much more difficult (yet less painful to the hand.) I'll let the WIP tell you the rest. I will keep you updated as I progress within the next week on it and add color to it. Lastly, I can't end this topic without you guys having to guess what the coaster is, so go on...take a guess!


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Yes, it's the Giant Dipper. I used the photo from (again) Dave Bennet's "Roller Coaster" book as it has some nice hi-res shots. Thank Adobe for Photoshop as I was able to "Color" my work before I actually color it. Here's a sample of what it would look like with color. (Those 3 color spots are my "palette" so I can just use the eyedropper tool.


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Sorry for the double post but as of today, it's complete! This project took me a total of 9 hours or so to do. I'm satisfied with how it came out yet I was nervous when it came to the time to actually add color to it as I didn't know if it were going to mess it up so luckily, a friend had an exprimentation peice of scratchboard for me to try different colors and how it would look with a given texture (like the walkways along the side of the track). Well, here it is as it's complete!


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I'll keep this coaster within this topic as well. We're still scratchboarding so I decided to do another coaster. Those who were in the chat room last night (Pacific time last night) would know about this as I asked what coaster should I do. Well, here's a start...I hope it's coming out ok, but personally, I think woodies on scratchboard have better results.


Photoshop preview with colorvision! (Well, it's definitely going to need color as parts kinda blend together)


Current state

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Just curious, what do you use to add color to scratchboard. Unless I missed it, I don't think you mentioned it.


Watercolor? Ink? However you're doing it, you're doing great work.




Right now, photoshop...in reality, I used smelly "get you high" prismacolor markers.

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You know the exit of the immlemen is backwards, right? But so far GREAT work, I could seriously never be able to do anything that artistic EVER. I think its real cool that you put in so much time into these pictures, because I would have got frustrated and burned my picture had I attempted that! Nice work...


Colin C

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