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First Coaster of the Season

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Well, the 2006 season is about to start for the regular season parks, so post what you plan to ride first this year. If you've already ridden one, what was it? My first ride will probably be Whizzer, Viper, or Raging Bull. I miss those coasters so much.

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Well I went to Disneyland Paris in January but I don't think that counts, so my first coaster was Stealth at Thorpe Park, Sunday March 19th


Has your season not started yet? Most Parks here in England are all open, Blackpool Pleasure Beach opened near the beggining of February!

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Hope the withdrawal symptoms aren't too bad Nicole!


My season started back in January and the Irn-Bru Carnvial in Glasgow on a Spinning Mouse.


Need.... coaster... ::twitch::


My last coaster was in October! I'm past the withdrawl stage now! I'm in coaster hibernation!

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I would say Superman Escape at Warner Bros Movie World if I ever get around to getting up there.


Probably won't go to the US this year, my first coaster last year was Top Thrill Dragster and that wasn't until late August.

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