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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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And, for the record - ONE credit.




I know Jeff Johnson, and he would never say this. The real Jeff Johnson counts every seat on every train as a different credit. I have even heard him exclaim that after a ride is rehabbed or relocated, each seat counts as an entirely new credit. I have heard he has at times counted rides as seperate credits after a shift change, as the staffing can create an entirely new ride experience. So my question to you all is, who kidnapped Jeff and hijacked his computer?

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I was taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains the week after Christmas and was considering visiting Dollywood. I want to go visit Dollywood partly for the Christmas lights, but more importantly for the rides. Does anyone know the minimum operating temperatures of their rides and roller coasters. I would hate to purchase a ticket and it be too cold that day and not be able to ride any of the fun coasters.


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Last night the coasters actually had to be shut down during the last hour and a half, so I got to find out.


Coasters open when the temperature is 40 degrees or above, and close when it drops to 36.

Other rides (I couldn't tell exactly if the host meant ALL but I wouldn't think so-definitely the Screamin Swing) close at 32 degrees.


I really enjoyed my first visit to Dollywood. The coasters were all great, though I really want to see what Thunderhead is like in the summer. They did a great job with lights, especially at the front of the park. The ice skating show couldn't really hold my attention, but maybe that's cause sitting in a room looking forward just makes me feel like I'm in class...


Ah well, I've got the majority of a "25-lb apple pie" slice to go try to put more of a dent into... mmm

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Actually, the main Parkway expansion project from Boyds Creek Highway to downtown Sevierville where one would turn off to go on Dolly Parton Parkway to get to Veterans Boulevard (the back highway to Dollywood) is about to be completed... 4 lanes in each direction. Traffic should be a non-issue in the coming weeks.


That is awesome. I didn't realize it was close to completion.

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If you were following along on the TPR Facebook page yesterday, you would know that we got a backstage construction tour of Wild Eagle. Thanks a ton to Pete Owens once again for taking the time to give us a closer look at this amazing looking ride!


Here are a few notes before I move on to the photos:


- The trains are not on site and are not expected to arrive until early January. There is nothing wrong here, they are just still being fabricated. Everything is fine and still on schedule.


- With the track completed, you can now see more of the ride from different parts of the park. From the parking lot, you get a great view of the lift hill and all four looping elements. The ride really looks amazing from here and will really set the tone as you arrive at the park! You can also see the immelman from the parking lot tram drop-off area. (see photo below)


- With the track complete, all of the construction work has shifted focus onto the ride's loading station.


- As you can probably deduce, they are ahead of schedule now but still have the loading station and entrance plaza to go, as well as other finishing touches.


- Once the trains arrive on site, you can expect testing to begin soon after. So, it is possible that this will begin in January. Of course, the park will be closed so it will be kind of hard to see it.


- From how Pete described the entrance plaza, you will not be disappointed as the theming in this area sounds amazing!


- As the construction site was active yesterday and the crane was in operation, we were not able to go up to the main portion of the ride. But don't worry, I plan on going back a couple more times before the ride opens, so those photos will come soon enough!


Okay, on to the photos!


Even though it is early November, it is already Christmas time at Dollywood! But you guys aren't here for the decorations I bet.


With the immelman completed, you can now see Wild Eagle from the front entrance plaza!


Making your way up through Timber Canyon, you can just make out most of the ride's layout through the treeline.


I have a feeling you will see this photo taken a whole lot in the future!


Similar to a photo I took during the last update, but now the Zero-G is complete as well as the Flat Spin!


I am going out on a limb here and calling it now... this ride is going to be photogenic!


A more broader view of the changing landscape around Splash Battle and Mystery Mine.


Wild Eagle definitely has one of the more unique lift hills in the country!


The focus of the construction right now is lifting/placing these rafters into place for the Wild Eagle Loading Station.


Speaking of the loading station - Here is is!


The sun is in a terrible spot here but you can get a feel for the progress of the station.


How about some lift hill porn for you?


The lift hill is so steep that B&M had special harnesses designed just for Wild Eagle. As you are required to wear the harnesses at all times and I am not on Dollywood's Insurance Plan, no climbing up the lift hill for me yesterday. ;-)


Lift Hill Enthusiast around the world grab your kleenex now as I present to you brand new B&M Lift Hill equipment!


And now something for you paint enthusiasts out there! Fresh, shiny new Wild Eagle paint!


Here is a couple of artsy shots for you!

(your definition of artsy may vary)


Sexy B&M track and supports from below!


The point of no return for Wild Eagle!




Oooh, blueprints for Wild Eagle's Loading Station! And also a perfect transition for the next couple of photos!


Here is a look underneath the station where the main portion of the queue will be located. The stairs you see forming in the back is where the queue will split for the dual loading stations.


And here you can see the stairs forming for the exit of the ride.


This photo will hopefully give you a general idea of where the Wild Eagle entrance will be located. The entrance plaza will be located in the area where you see the fork lift holding the rafter and the entrance to the queue will be in the bottom right of the photo.


With the tour over, I took a couple more photos on my way out the park. Here is a closer look at the future entrance plaza.


And finally a look at the completed transfer station through the trees! Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Is it fair enough to say that this ride will open on time? It sure looks like it .


Yeah, without question it will be open on time.

Woah woah woah. Awfully bold statement. As of now sure, but something could come up in the following months. But as of now, it does appear Wild Eagle will open on time.

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Thanks for the update!


I am really looking forward to riding this next year now that I only live about 3-4 hours away from Pigeon Forge. I haven't been to Dollywood since the late 80's and from all I hear, it has become a really great park. The addition of the first B&M Wing Rider in the US seems like it will make it even better!

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Thank you so much for the pictures!! This ride is coming together rather quickly. Further, I am so excited to be riding this on the New Hotness trip. Probably will be the highlight for me. Although all 13 or so days will be fantastic and a dream come true for me. 3 years ago I talked about doing this. And it actually happened.

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