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Dollywood Discussion Thread

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I love his animations, but I don't think Dollywood used his since it didn't have the same visuals that Wild Eagle's video had. If you compare Cheetah Hunt and Wild Eagle's videos to something Keith's done, they will be very different in sound and background.

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i think this the greatest evolution of the wing B&M, i'm not so interest to the other two projects ( x-flight and swarm ) but this is great ! the theme are perfect with the beautiful landscape. i want to come another time in USA !

Wild Eagle the " big brother of Raptor" , heheh the first drop of raptor is steep and the sensation when the train start to ride is amazing ( the best seat is the last ) i feel some air-time W.E will be much better as sensations.


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^Looks like someone beat you to it:




Hint: Look at his title.



Well Played A.J, Well Played..




Edited to say: That really is an awesome custom title. If you are riding a ride coaster like Big Thunder Mountain that has a bench style seat by yourself, is that an ADDITIONAL credit?

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Want a chance to get a special behind-the-scenes tour of Wild Eagle? Be at the park Saturday morning and you may get the chance!


From Dollywood's Facebook page


Hi, friends! Here are the details you need to go Up Close & Behind the Scenes of Wild Eagle! Dollywood opens at 11 a.m. Saturday. I’ll give you clues as to where you can locate me. Once found, I’ll provide a list of items you need to find & correctly document their location or give the answer. I’ll distribute this list ONLY until 12:30 p.m. At 1:45 p.m. you have only 10 minutes to give your list to me at Wild Eagle’s gate in Wilderness Pass. No submissions accepted after 1:55 p.m.! 6 winners will be randomly selected from the highest-scoring submissions. Start brushing up on your Dollywood knowledge!


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Actually, the main Parkway expansion project from Boyds Creek Highway to downtown Sevierville where one would turn off to go on Dolly Parton Parkway to get to Veterans Boulevard (the back highway to Dollywood) is about to be completed... 4 lanes in each direction. Traffic should be a non-issue in the coming weeks.

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Oh, fine. Ruin my fun. I'll just make a "wing coasters are two credits" shrine in my back closet, and secretly worship it until the end of time.

That sounds like an amazingly awesome creepy thing to do. I approve.


Jeff Johnson would be proud to have such a shrine.


Actually, I find it kind of creepy too, in an intriguing way.


And, for the record - ONE credit.



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