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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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Im not sure that the gap will be as big as we all think. Since both the entry and exit of the Loop will be in the same block the clearance only needs to between outer seat and track and not outer seat to outer seat. Obviously the distance will need to greater thana standard loop but it won't need to be gigantic.

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That's was what I was thinking. If the gap was really large, the loop probably would have looked way more distorted in those pics a few pages back. You can tell the gap is bigger that normal, but it doesn't appear to be anything insanely huge.

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The drop doesnt look that big.



B&M's always look a little deceptively short in pictures, that huge track guage and spine conspire to fool the eye into thinking ithey're smaller that they really are in person.


And it's not 135 feet over a parking lot either.

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This is a family target coaster and easily was always their intention ... smart. The setting is great, but this will not be a major thril for most enthusiast. Fun, absolutely.


Think Cheetah Hunt; not Maverick.


Dude, seriously?

There is NOTHING family over this coaster!

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Family thrill = family target.


Most hyper coasters are family thrills (i.e. caters to a larger crowd; non-extreme). TT is more family than extreme. Based on other wing riders, this doesn't have extreme elements. This will be a "that was fun ... let's go again" ride vs. a "holy !#$%" for most enthusiast. The GP will eat it up ... going back to family target.


The setting and trains are great, but I agree with whoever said it won't be a Top 10 for those who rank. Time will tell.

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So, being the tallest Wing Rider by B&M right now, having the same number of inversions as some B&M sit down loopers, and being faster makes it less intense?


I wouldn't be so quick to judge this ride as a family thrill. Lets wait and ride the thing before attempting to compare it to other coasters.

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So, being the tallest Wing Rider by B&M right now, having the same number of inversions as some B&M sit down loopers, and being faster makes it less intense?


I wouldn't be so quick to judge this ride as a family thrill. Lets wait and ride the thing before attempting to compare it to other coasters.


It is our job as enthusiasts to make wild assumptions based on just a photo!

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Yeah, I think we're judging this much too quickly. How do we know these elements wont be OMFG? There's only two of these in the world, both not that tall and not with really big inversions. I have a feeling the zero G roll and the immelmann will be so much different now that there's winged seats. Even the loop! Just wait and see.

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I don't like to judge rides before they open, but I didn't think this will be a family coaster. It has a more "traditional" B&M sit down layout,so it could be as intense as some of the old school B&M's, but considering how some of the "newer" B&M's are coming out, you never know.

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I'm very excited about this coaster. I will definitely be there to ride this as soon as it opens. I love seeing it come together so quickly. It towers over the park. I can't wait. Dollywood is one of my favorite parks and it looks like they're getting another great addition.

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Had a great day at the park today and got a TON of Wild Eagle photos for you guys! (Scroll down for the photos!)


To recap the day briefly:


- The park has awesome food!


- Wild Eagle absolutely towers over the back of the park! It's size and location is really prevalent the closer you are to Mystery Mine and along Wilderness Pass.


- Outside of Timber Canyon and Wilderness Pass, you will not be able to see Wild Eagle from inside the park. You can just barely make it out standing next to Blazing Fury but the tree line hides most of the ride. (You can see the ride from Parking Lot B though)


- Construction on the ride has progressed up to the Zero-G Roll and everything is complete except for the exit portion of the element. It is extremely difficult to get a good shot of it as the tree line hides it above Timber Canyon. I'd say once the leaves fall off through Autumn, you will be able to get a better shot of it with a decent zoom lens.


- All of the water rides, except for the rapids are closed for the season. Pretty sure this is normal compared to past years.


- The park has awesome food!


- The park is currently holding the National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration. This is one of the many great seasonal events that Dolllywood holds each year.


- My 2.5 year old son got his first coaster credit on Veggie Tales! He JUST made it on as the marker touched to top of his scalp. I am a proud papa!


- The park has awesome food!


I think that about covers it. Now on to Wild Eagle photos!


As I mentioned above the park is currently holding its annual National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration. I will be doing a trip report later this week that will show off more of the seasonal event.


But you guys are probably more interested in Wild Eagle photos I assume! Well, here you go!


This ride towers over Splash Battle and pretty much all of Wilderness Pass!


This is the best view of the Zero G-Roll that I could get. The track is complete through the exit of this element. As I mentioned above, it is very hard to get a clear view of the Zero G-Roll because of the tree line.


The lift hill towers over everything in Wilderness Pass! You can see the supports for the latter half of the ride below it.


Here is an overview of the beginning of Wild Eagle with the area of the station and entrance into the lift hill. (The structure going up will be the transfer station I assume)


Now, lets show off how this ride interacts with the skyline of Mystery Mine!


Mystery Mine meet vertical loop. Vertical loop meet Mystery Mine. I hope you two can play nice together!


Wild Eagle through the In-Line Twist!


Wild Eagle already likes to play peek-a-boo with Mystery Mine. They are going to be great friends I know it!


This photo demonstrates how hard it is to see the Zero G-Roll from Timber Canyon. It is behind those trees, I promise!


You can even see the ride from the train!


And the children's playground next to Thunderhead! (Which was running awesome today BTW!)


How about a couple of sunset shots?


A close-up of the ride and transfer station area.


Can you make it through one more lift hill shot?


I can not wait! Wild Eagle is looking fantastic!

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This coaster is absolutely beautiful! I think it's great how landscaped this park is and how they choose to keep trees and natural scenery. This coaster will be the prettiest of the 2012 lineup for sure.


I need to hurry up and get my degree, so I can get a real job, and then I can travel here.

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Wow, beautiful coaster. I've got to get to Dollywood soon. It's on my early bucket list. This coaster reminds me a lot of Tatsu, except it's in Tennessee!


Random question: is the food in Dollywood any good?





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