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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 791: Big Bear Mountain family coaster announced for 2023!

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16 hours ago, jarmor said:

I wonder if they would get another family launched coaster with their current one a few hundred feet away. . .

I mean Firechaser consistently has one of the longest waits in the park. I was just looking at past wait times the other day for an upcoming trip and Dragonflier consistently pulls 40-60 minute waits on busy days so another family coaster is probably a good fit. 

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I think that line has to do with its low capacity. We are talking lower than a boomerang. Not sure if dollywood expected that type of popularity with it but yeah, wild mouse coasters can cycle more people per hour.  Interesting to see what they come up with as I liked manta and it does feel wilder than firechaser and I do like the mack controlled spinning coasters. I wonder if they would do a motorbike since that's pretty unique.

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20 hours ago, Hilltopper39 said:

I mean a dark ride would be great but if I'm picking between a dark ride and a decent coaster I'd take the coaster every time. I mean I get it, dark rides are fun and gives an option for an indoor attraction that can operated year round, makes the park more well rounded compared to places like Disney or Universal, but this isn't Disney or Universal.

Right, but adding those rides so that they could run year round would also mean you'd be able to ride those coasters all winter (except Lightning Rod, lol).

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I agree with ya Bill, but they pretty much operate year round now except for January, February, and a few week days here and there in September & October. 

Believe me I'd love a good dark ride at Dollywood but for a dark ride of the quality and capacity that the park needs it would probably be a pretty significant investment, possibly more expensive than a new coaster. When you're spending that kind of money feels like a coaster is way more marketable with a higher return than a dark ride so in the end I'm sure it really comes down to that.

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On 11/4/2021 at 10:26 AM, Shavethewhales2 said:

I agree completely coasterbill. I was really hoping the next major addition would be the rumored dark ride. Coasters are awesome of course, but DW and SDC have built so many big coasters when they could have been competing with Disney on some truly amazing indoor rides that would also help them remain popular year round and in all weather. They also desperately need to restore the woodland feel to the area after they clear cut everything. 

I disagree, I think they actually have invested in too many extreme thrills. I don't understand why the park doesn't focus much more on younger families considering their spending and activity ratios compared to other guests. Obviously I enjoy the big coasters, but I've always thought it was a weird business decision when kids visiting the park have few marquee rides for them. Disney is king not just because of their IP's...


The layout looks nice. Hard to tell if it inverts or what, but the tunnel on the SE end looks cool. Considering the area, is it going to be like a kids version of Lightning rod? Another terrain launched coaster kind of like a mini Cheetah Hunt? 

You are joking, right? The majority of the rides and attractions are for kids and families in the entire park. The entire Wildwood grove area is for children and families.

Here is the list of family and kiddie rides/attracions:

1. Whistle Punk Chaser

2. Lumberjack Lifts

3. Firechaser Express

4. Firehouse Fun Yard

5. Blazing Fury

6. Wings Of America Theater

7. L'il Pilots Playground

8. Dollywood Express Train Depot

9. Village Carousel

10. Busy Bees

11. Demolition Derby

12. Dizzy Disk

13. Lemon Twist

14. Lucky Ducky

15. Piggy Parade

16. Shooting Star

17. Sky Rider

18. The Amazing Flying Elephants

19. The Scrambler

20. The Waltzing Swinger

21. Smoky Mountain River Rampage

22. Rockin' Roadway

23. Black Bear Trail 

24. Dragonflier

25. Frogs & Fireflies 

26. Great Tree Swing 

27. Hidden Hollow

28. The Mad Mockingbird

29. Treetop Tower

30. Wildwood Creek


Thrill Rides:

1. Drop Line

2. Mystery Mine

3. Thunderhead

4. Wild Eagle

5. Daredevil Falls

6. Tennessee Tornado

7. Barnstormer

8. Lightning Rod


So, it is more 3 to 1 more family attractions/rides than thrill rides. Dollywood needs more thrill rides. Families aren't the only guests that visit Dollywood and Dollywood and Disney are not in the same league and cannot be compared.

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On 11/6/2021 at 9:25 PM, Garet said:

The fact that just it being open is newsworthy enough on enthusiast forums still all these years later is kinda ridiculous.

Well the latest closure followed an incident where a train rolled back into the other. A bit different than the more common causes of down time.  And it was expected by many to be closed the rest of the season because of that. 

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On 11/4/2021 at 8:05 AM, sdcfan88 said:

Betting they are getting their MACK coaster now. That graphic clearly shows a coaster layout with two side by side launch segments similar to Time Traveler at SDC.


Can someone please interpret this drawing for me lol.  Is that coaster track going all the way to the entrance near Mystery Mine? What are the wide dark lines around the current undeveloped portion?  I can't blow it up to read anything but sure looks interesting! Sorry I'm not very good at reading blue prints. I would love the help!

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The wide dark line around the perimeter is a new perimeter road. 


The turn around for this is nestled up against the back of the Till & Harvest Food Hall. I've circled in red, a point that you can use to get your bearings on where it's located.   Seems it might stay completely behind the restaurant. But essentially, yes, the new ride runs nearly the entire length of the area.


Untitled 1.png

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6 hours ago, u4icmusic said:

I like this graphic from screamscape the best. The yellow highlights show the track better.


Would something like Maverick be out of the question, with a launch-lift and a straight-launch?  I'm just looking at those two straight sections in the middle and that's what comes to mind.

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6 hours ago, Mike240SX said:

Would something like Maverick be out of the question, with a launch-lift and a straight-launch?  I'm just looking at those two straight sections in the middle and that's what comes to mind.

Pretty sure Dollywood said this was going to be a family-oriented attraction as opposed to a straight thrill coaster. 

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6 minutes ago, Hilltopper39 said:

I mean a ride like Cheetah Hunt is pretty family friendly with it's 40 In height requirement, and consistently has the longest line at that park. I wouldn't mind something like that, a little more aggressive than Firechaser but still "family friendly". 

yeah an addition like that would be perfect apart from it's similarity to firechaser in terms of look and launches. However, I do think a family-friendly version of time traveler is likely.

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motorbike style vehicles make sense considering the meandering layout. I really enjoy Wavebreaker down at Seaworld San Antonio, so that would be great with me. Would love it if HFEC is finally working with Intamin too. The rockwork indicated in the plans is what really has me excited, and for some reason fly-bys are always more thrilling in the motorbike style seats. 

If it's a cheetah hunt style coaster that's great too - another super popular ride. 

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