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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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The left side looks way better. Did Kevin M. do both sides? Just kidding and I will have the left outside seat please. Thanks for taking the time to do this, it looks really good to me.


I have learned that hype is hype and Wingriders will at the very minimum be pretty fun. I understand why the parks do what they do but I think it does them a disservice by building un-realistic expectations in certain circles. There is a lot of great content created for enthusiasts but they should save the GP stuff for their T.V. adds. All we really want to do is un-cover what the ride will be and what it is named etc. I guess I just don't see the upside in it. With that being said , it's hard to keep straight sometimes what has been officially said and what is just rumor. The announcements I enjoyed most this year were Skyrush and Superman. Six Flags animations for X-Flight were also very cool.


I look forward to riding as many new rides as I can, and some have surprised me quite a bit.

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See, the great thing about coasters that straddle the track on either side is that one coaster is essentially two. The forces going through the maneuvers are different depending on which side you sit on.

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What's up with B&M's new coasters and their long drawn out brakes at the end. Ride looks amazing btw


WTH is up with B&M and these outrageously long brake runs, Levi was like um ook but this one is down right ridiculous


I just got off the phone with 'em. Their reasoning is that they're going to install microphones along the entire brake run to try and capture as much bitching and pointless conversation as possible.



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Random thoughts:


1. gk2b - nice "virtual pov" video


2. The length seems to be a little short. If it were in the ~4000LF range, that'd be ideal imo.


3. The construction seems to be moving right along, at this rate, it will definitely be open early in the season.


4. "America's first wing coaster"? Wasn't X-flight announced first? I guess since this one will be open to the public first they can make this claim. Seems kinda hogey though.

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So which side looks to be better? Left or right? I'm going with left.......but barely.


The right side of the "0-G roll" (quotes because i doubt any seat gets 0 g's on this king of ride) would look more interesting to me, as you're pulled down and around the element, as opposed to up-and-over, so there could be some negative G's.

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my only question ( which may have already been asked ) is will this spoil the beauty of the park, due to it's size?


I don't think it will. The treeline is still intact along both sides of the ridge, so you can not see any of the ride from Timber Canyon or Craftsmen Valley. The front of the park and Market Square areas will not be visibly impacted at all.


You saw all of the supports that were up there in the update and we couldn't see them walking back to the construction site until we got back by Mystery Mine. The ride is really only visible from Wilderness Pass, as the lift hill will be clearly visible behind Splash Battle.

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I appreciate the effort when it's not possible to see the entire coaster. It builds anticipation for the ride, at least for me. Also, partially obscuring the coaster. helps the overall theme of a park. In Dollywood's case, I don't think it's really that much of concern versus somewhere like a Disney park. In those cases, a massive structure behind a "land" would destroy the theme. But for Dollywood, given what is already there, I think it's a great intergration of a ride of this size into the landscape. I think Dollywood has one of the most excting coaster projects in the US for 2012.

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What's the big deal with being able to "see" a coaster inside a theme park?


We're talking about one of the most beautiful parks in the world here. If they just threw down roller coasters pell-mell it would quickly loose some of that beauty. DW has always been renowned for how the park incorporates nature into the experience with tree canopies and great views, often making it so the park is hidden within the landscape. In the old days when it was still SDC Tenn. they used to go to great lengths to make rides integrate into this aspect of the park, and most rides wouldn't stick out above the treeline. This goes back to the founder's beliefs of what the parks should look like and is a huge part of what makes DW and SDC so special.


It's not going to ruin the park if you see a bit of coaster track sticking out of the trees at certain points, but it would definitely suck if they were to go and raze large areas of trees and just have rides and track visible from all over the park. Luckily, they are still very careful about the atmosphere of the park, so I'm sure they'll do a good job keeping/adding trees so that this ride doesn't take away from the areas scenic beauty.

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Ok, I was generally excited about the ride after I saw all the details (although slightly bummed with the layout). However now that I've seen the construction pics and the fact that all these supports have gone up without anyone knowing about it and Dollywood keeping it hidden thanks to the environs, I am doubly excited.


What I love even more is the fact that this is my home park. This is a major score for Dollywood and this area in general which, I think, is generally overlooked most of the time by everyone. I thought that Thunderhead would bring more people to Dollywood when it was built, and it did, but not as much as I thought it should. This is a genuinely great park that everyone should try to come to at least once, I mean the cinnamon bread should be enough to make anyone want to come!

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Hey guys!


As I am sure you all know by now, Dollywood officially announced their new for 2012 coaster last night! In an unprecedented event, the park announced Wild Eagle, a B&M Wing Rider, during the 2011 Boomsday firework show in downtown Knoxville, TN! And Theme Park Review was there!


Not only did Dollywood graciously roll out the red carpet for us with a VIP area to document the big announcement, but they also invited us to the park for an exclusive Construction Tour of the new ride!


Before we move on to the photos, I can share with you a little inside info on the ride.


- As far as additional theming goes, Dollywood still has some surprises up their sleeve that sound amazing! There will just not be any additional theming during the ride's course, besides the trains. And believe me, when you see the view and surroundings of this ride, the natural theming is just fine!


- Construction is ahead of schedule on the ride which is planned to open with the park in March! Expect testing to begin a couple of weeks beforehand.


- There may be something world recording-breaking on Wild Eagle after all!


- Dollywood is planning on opening Sky Zip next season, but an opening date is not yet set.


- Naturally, the ride station will feature a dual loading station on both sides of the train. The station will be located in the area behind the blue construction fence next to the Sky Zip booth (scroll down for a photo).


- Finally, be sure to check out http://www.dollywood2012.com

for up-to-date information about Wild Eagle!


Now, on to the photos!


Knoxville, TN serves as the backdrop for the big announcement! Hey, look! It's the Wigsphere from that Simpson's episode!


Every year, over 400,000 people fill the banks of the Tennessee River during Labor Day weekend for Boomsday!


If you don't know what Boomsday is, it's a firework show that is launched off this bridge and the barges below.


Noted!! By the way, does something look a little "off" by this sign???


Oh, look!! Dollywood is announcing their new ride tonight!! Good thing we decided to come here tonight!


And Theme Park Review has VIP access to watch the announcement!


And here is our awesome view!


Our awesome hosts for the evening! Tim Berry, Director of Sales and Marketing, Craig Ross, General Manager and Brian Angello, Social Media Specialist. Thanks again guys!


Almost time for the show and the announcement!


The weather did not want to cooperate tonight.


But that didn't keep the crowds away! Everyone wanted to know what the new ride was going to be! ;=)


The show has started!


And Wild Eagle is officially announced! Awesome logo!


Dollywood was able to utilize lasers to reflect the ride's logo throughout different locations of the firework show.


What an awesome show and announcement!


The next morning, Dollywood invited us to the park for an exclusive construction tour of the construction site of Wild Eagle!


The promotional banners for the ride are already out in the park!


This area of the map will look a little bit different next year!


As you reach Wilderness Pass, you see the first visible evidence that there is a new ride being constructed!


Theme Park Review is ready to go behind the scenes for a Wild Eagle construction tour! (Hi Pete!)


Look it's construction equipment! And dirt! (Well, mud technically)


Several inches of rain has left the site a little on the muddy side.


Use your imagination... Wild Eagle's Lift hill will head up this ridge here!


A puddle of mud (not the crappy band) and footers for the brake run.


This is what it looks like behind that blue fence! Also, the location of the loading station.


Foundation is being formed for one of the platforms on the brake run.


Once on the construction site, you get some never before seen views of Dollywood attractions! Have you seen this side of Blazing Fury before?!?


And check out this view of Tennessee Tornado!


Looking back at the brake run and future loading station. And how about that view of Adventure Mountain!


How about we head up the hill and get set photos of some supports!


And look at all of these supports! Wow, they have been busy up here!


Supports for the first drop and the large loop! Just, look at that view!


Looking the opposite way back towards the first drop. To get your bearings, that is Mystery Mine peaking through the left side of the photo.


Pete Owens, Media/Public Relations Manager, was kind enough to tour us around the site in the rain! Thanks Pete!


At the highest point of the ridge, you can get some amazing views of the park and surroundings!


And yes! The rides were running today in the rain! Way to go Dollywood! :=)


A TPR exclusive... Wild Eagle track though the supports!


And Mystery Mine through the supports!


More Wild Eagle track. Pete said they had the track scattered all over the property to try and hide it from you guys! ;=)


Awww. Even tiny supports need love too! Leg chopper anyone???


More supports! This is looking towards the back of the construction site (front of the park) and the immelman. (Also, notice the intact treeline)


Some of these supports are just massive!


Even pouring rain couldn't wipe the smile off of my face!


This portion of the ride is going to be twisty!!


And finally footers for the brake run!


Thanks again to Pete Owens, Brian Angello, and everyone at Dollywood for taking the time to show us the Wild Eagle construction site! Looking forward to riding in March 2012!


And go visit Wild Eagle's website now!

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First off, let me say that I am VERY excited for this new ride. Dollywood and Silver Dollar City are two of my favorite parks anywhere. The following is only meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and comes from my interest in "conspiracy theories" and twisted movie plots.


Let's ponder for a moment on the possibility that this was not always intended to be a "Wing Coaster." Now I know there's a thousand reasons why this could not be true (design process, type of track, clearance of train/track/etc), but let's only focus on the few items that could make this true.


There is NO artwork/close up pictures of the train design. - Now with this being the first of its kind (to be built/in America) don't you think it would be important to show off to the public what exactly makes this coaster so unique? There is only an extremely blurry view of the train in the concept art, and really nothing else. How is the general public supposed to know what a "Wing Coaster" is without any pictures of the train, or the ride in motion at all. Which leads to the next point:


There is no POV video, or off-ride video of the ride. - Once again, an extremely important feature to advertise such an unheard of design in regards to the general public. Although I am sure there are videos being made, a switch in design could have thrown these efforts behind.


The "teaser" video also shows nothing of the trains and only includes a couple split second, generic, POV clips that are taken from the middle of a coaster track. - Hmmm, could be nothing; but interesting.


The layout is MUCH different from the other "Wing Coasters," and more closely resembles that of a more standard design. - This needs little explanation, but we all know this could believably be concept art of a Floorless or Sitdown coaster (like Wildfire) and we would could all could see it.


"The Sky is Not the Limit" never really was explained. - So now lets say it was originally intended to be a Floorless coaster. "Soar like an eagle through the Smokey Mountains with your hands towards the sky, and no coaster train below you; proving the Sky; is not the limit." Cheesy, I know, but possible (as anything is )


So why would they change their mind? Maybe they really were planning on making something very similar to Wildfire, but bigger. Maybe with all the great new coasters being announced in the coming year, they decided they wanted to be more unique. Maybe they saw the announcement for the Swarm and thought, "Wow, that could be a way more exclusive design than what we had planned." This would have been proceeded by a quick call to B&M - "hey, is there any of your new train designs that you could make work on our Wild Eagle coaster. We are willing to pay a couple million extra if you can give us something more unique." B&M runs a bunch of things through their computer models (weight tests/clearance tests, etc), and finds that because of the large, and exaggerated size of the Wild Eagle layout, they could actually fit their new Wing Coaster trains on the Dollywood coaster and its supports safely. Dollywood of course says yes, alters the station plans, and quickly tells the marketing team, they have something even more unique to work with. (This was before X-Flight was announced, so they thought they would have the first in the country).


Once again, this was only meant to be a FUN exploration of the mind, and I obviously don't really believe this. This only came to mind as the people I work with (who are far from coaster enthusiasts) asked me today if I heard about the new Dollywood coaster. I of course said yes, and then they asked what they meant by "Wing Coaster." They asked if it was something like Batman or Superman, and I proceeded to explain, but then got to thinking; Why was this not made more clear in the announcement? (Like it was with Raptor, Swarm, and X-Flight).


Wild Eagle - Fly On The Edge... With No Floor Below You.

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