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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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^His comment somehow got placed in the quote;



Are quote tags that hard to get right?

BBCode isn't complicated.


It's in the paragraph before the last sentence


And trimming quotes seems to be a lost art too.



I know, right? It's not that hard...

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If sidewinder is gone. I would rather have it replaced with a dark ride. i think the park has enough coasters and I would want something cool and unique


I agree with this. Dollywood sadly doesn't have its equivalents to SDC's "Grandfather's Mansion" and "Flooded Mine" anymore, so it'd be nice to see them build a new indoor attraction that maybe could take some inspiration from those two rides, or something completely new, *shrugs* I don't mind either way.


Man... if you'd told me last year that my first and only trip (thus far) to DW would make me as invested in it emotionally as I've been with SDC for the past 15+ years, I wouldn't have believed it. But my god, I loved Dollywood SO much and I can't wait to have the opportunity to go back!

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If sidewinder is gone. I would rather have it replaced with a dark ride. i think the park has enough coasters and I would want something cool and unique


A dark ride might fit in the slide’s landing/entrance area possibly, if configured correctly. But the rest of the terrain would be wasted. However, I completely agree it’s time for a new indoor ride.

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I really hate to hear it if Slidewinder is truly gone, such a classic thrilling water ride. Classic, genuine fun, it always reminds me of going tubing down a mountain.

The following is just random thoughts that come mind, ignore the order lol


2019- Wildwood Grove Phase 1, 5 acre expansion. Would Dollywood remove Slidewinder this year, and jump back to the other end of the park to expand when they have another 7 acre's left wide open?

Dark ride? The henhouse scramble idea was proposed a few years back (River Battle time) but never happened. I'm not sure why, but when I think of that idea, I think of this shooting gallery up in Gatlinburg so that idea doesn't sit BUT it would fit theme wise beside of Barnstormer in Owens Farm.

Something I could see going in that area is another outdoor theater (Think Echo Hollow at SDC) for this reason. This past year the train was made to shorten its whistle to .5 seconds of a blow while in the park, the only area it can do the classic "whistle" is at the loop. The complaints were made by performers of the outdoor shows, saying it was distracting guests.

I could see this being a resolution, you don't really hear the train up there and its hidden.


ALSO; Wildwood Grove is getting filled with trees and they look great!!!

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Below are photos of our construction tour of Dollywood's new Wildwood Grove area.


Dollywood has gone all out on this area to provide a new exciting, interactive area for families.


Some quick facts:


$37,000,000 project


$1,000,000 towards landscaping


5 acre expansion


Tentative opening = May 2019



Entrance walk way from Timber Canyon into Wildwood Grove. Before this area opens, there will be a log feature that you will walk through that will "transport" you into the new area of Wildwood Grove.



New quick serve restaurant on the right as you enter the new area with a giant seating area next to it. COVERED!!!



New quick serve restaurant under construction.


Treetop Tower ride


Restroom facility. This is one of 2 facilities for this area. That will be fantastic in the busy season!


Sycamore Tree Swing (Pirate Ride)



Back view of the Dragonflier coaster


This expansion will give you a new prospective of Thunderhead. As you can see here, Thunderhead received some love this off season.



The giant building (Hidden Hollow) you see will be a climate controlled building featuring a big soft play structure and alot of seating.




Patrick Brennan, art director for Dollywood's new Wildwood Grove area, talks about the giant Wildwood tree that will tower over the area. Behind him is the base of that structure. It will feature over 600 illuminated butterflies and other features.


Black bear trail ride


These are some very cute vehicles for the Black Bear Trail ride. Adults will be permitted to ride with children.


Frogs & Fireflies bounce ride.





Prototypes of the butterflies that will appear on the Wildwood Tree.



Mad Mockingbird vehicles. We love the paint job on them.


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Lastly some Dragonflier love.


This coaster will be about 63 foot tall and reach speeds of around 45 mph. There will only be one train on this coaster.



Thank you to Dollywood for their hospitality and time for showing us around this amazing area. We can not wait to get back and see it completed. This is something that you do not want to miss!







One last shot of the track coming out of the tunnel

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Great to see Thunderhead getting a retrack for the next season. It really needed one.


Yep--it was very good ride when I last visited Dollywood, but I understand that it's gone downhill (pardon the pun) since then.


Wildwood Grove is coming along nicely.

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Yep--it was very good ride when I last visited Dollywood, but I understand that it's gone downhill (pardon the pun) since then.


Eh don't put too much stock into that until you ride it again... people have been bitching about Thunderhead getting rough since the beginning of time. I always see tons of posts about roughness between visits, go there expecting the worst and get off of the ride wishing they would put the crack pipe down. The ride is great.

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I only got one ride on Thunderhead (it was in March 2018) and the first half was fine, the second half was pretty rough (at least in the seat that I was in). It seemed like it could use some love and retracking in some of the areas, but it also was a cool ride.

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wonderful to see so many great photos and the construction update report!


Impressed how (seemingly) quickly they've come along. . . wow, so that's all the new rides in place already? they must be ahead of schedule, and now starting to focus on queues and landscaping.


this area is gonna look amazing, although it's not gonna offer a *lot* of activities for those of my age (with no kids), we certainly will stop in that area to partake in a couple of things.


My favorite thing, of course one I likely will never get to ride, is the "Steeplechase-ish" Bear ride. but that could just be because of how much I love the ride vehicles

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That might be one of my new favorite color schemes on a coaster! What a vibrant mix - it really fits in and I love it.


The new track on Thunderhead looks great too. I LOVED the ride when I visited in March 2017, glad to see it's in good hands.

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Did anyone ask or did the park mentino if they were gonna plant any tree on the buffer between dragon flyer and thunderhead?


They did not mention that specifically. But they did say they have tons of trees to plant before it opens. They are spending over a million dollars on landscaping for this area.

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Awesome update! I'm glad to see Thunderhead getting some track work since I love the layout, but thought it was sort of bumpy two years ago.


I was hoping DragonFlier would have a second train, but I sort of figured it would have just one based on the other ones out there.

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