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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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Spinning seats would be a surprise, it seems like a big leap in the current technology. I don't see B&M going 4D in the same year they went 300 feet. I think with the awesome potential visuals on WE it would be better to have standard trains. It would be cool to have a little of both as long as I don't have to build it or take care of it.

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They HAVE posted one last picture of the top of a loop! I would post it, but it wouldnt let me save it to my computer. I am really excited and can't wait until tomorrow's announcement! That is the only way to know the true plans, for Dollywood's New rollercoaster attraction!


The image I got was the same as what was posted previously.

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Doesn't really look a loop to me, too lopsided, and only has one side of supports on the top (Usually there are supports in the middle, Hmmm, it looks like if it's an Immelmann or a diver, the part before/after the half loop is inverted for too long. Hmmmm...also to me it kind of looks like it doesn't flip over for a while...but then again this is just concept art. But look how similar the supports are. Probably just me though.



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Primier really only makes LSM/LIM coasters.


Not so true.


Vonkaputous at Linnanmaki


Soak'd at Freestyle Music Park


Round About at Freestyle Music Park


Bandit at Movie Park Germany


Runaway Mountain at Six Flags over Texas.


While Premier is most commonly known for their launch coasters, they have done plenty of projects (coasters and otherwise) that have not involved powered launches.

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^ That's either an inversion or a really steep bank. The connector on the support closer to us is flat, while the connector on the taller support behind it is at a 90 degree angle. My guess is that we're seeing the second half of a zero-g roll.

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I'm really excited for this announcement, and even thourgh i live in Denmark this is really a big thing for me. I have set the alarm for 3:30 AM, so while the house is sleeping i'm gonna watch the live announcement of a very beautiful looking roller coaster.

I'm also looking forward to see the construction progress of this beauty, from this amazing amusement park!


Dollywood, you are awesome!



- Kian Kronvang, Denmark.

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