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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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As you can see I don't post that much on here, more of a lurker than anything.


Dollywood is thee most overpriced park that I have ever been to.


It's really nice, i'll give them that but their coasters aren't worth the price of admission. I love Tornado, hell, i'd pay the ticket price just to ride that but $70 for a ticket is a kick in the pants for what you get IMO.

DW is nice but I agree that IMO it's overpriced (perhaps purposely). Admission is $74 with taxes/fees for an adult, or $86 with parking (parking fees are just another part of the admission cost). And this doesn't include the water park. There's just not enough there, IMO, for $74/$86. But obviously they can get away with it since it's usually very crowded. Tourists are already in the area, so they're going to go to DW regardless of price (up to a point of course).


Holiday World is $45 and includes the themepark and waterpark, plus free parking, soft drinks, and sunscreen.


Even Cedar Point is only $52.79 with tax/fee right now (plus $15/$18 parking).


Heck, even the expensive/overpriced Disney World ends up $86.53 per day with tax if you buy a 4 day ticket, but that includes going to a separate themepark each day. Plus $20/day parking.


Seaworld Orlando's one day ticket is only $5 more than Dollywood. And Seaworld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa's two-park ticket is the same price as Dollywood's; both $99. And SWO/BGT's gives you four parks to choose from (two themeparks, two water parks). Or a three day/park ticket is only $109.


I don't know where you got the Disney ticket price information but a four day park ticket at Disney is well over one hundred dollars per person. Not $86. And Ticket prices at Dollywood Main Entrance are $65 and parking is $10. Spreading misinformation is defamation and can possibly get you into trouble on this website. Here's the ticket information for your enjoyment...


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Last I saw about 30 mins ago, there were two RMC employees on the lift hill and a train sitting at the base of the launch. No operation yet as of then. Today isn't looking too promising according to the employee outside the station.


The employee also stated that RMC has to do their own test runs and hand the ride back over to Dollywood, and then do their own test runs as well.

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Upon exiting the park, I talked to some of the supervisors, one of whom is working directly with RMC on the ride. According to him the ride certainly will not open tomorrow and won't open until sometime next week at the earliest.

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Was at the park today aND talked with the person outside. She said that there were shipping issues with the replacement parts and they got them on yesterday. It was closed today so they could let it run and look for any errors. She did say there was some sort of possibility it could open the next couple days but that if it didn't open with the park it probably wouldn't open that day.

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Any news on Lightning Rod?


Yeah, but I keep getting different info depending on which employee/exec I ask… So I'm reluctant to share anything anymore. I CAN share that it didn't open with the park today...at least that much is true. ha


Dollywood does need to get it open ASAP though, because attendance appears to be way down. I was there twice last week and almost every ride was a walk on. I've never seen Dollywood that empty during the summer before. And I'm hearing that it's empty again today as well.

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