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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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Back on 2012:


Does anyone with any knowledge of footers have any idea what may be affiliated with the ones pictured on the last page?


Footers...hmm, not really. They are really beefy footers though. We usually don't see too many woodies with footers like that as they tend to balance the load out on many small footers on terrain-woodies, but i'm sure that theory could be burned.


Thanks for the BF update! It's a work in progress!

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I'm excited to see what they put in for 2012 and hopefully go back eventually in a few year. Went in 2010 and had the best time there at any amusement park/waterpark.


Seems like 2012 will be bringing a good amount of coasters to parks all over.

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Hey guys, Matt (Solid Gold) and I went to Dollywood today, had a great time and caught some glimpses of 2012 construction along the way:


Drilling new footers.


Stakes line the hillside, a major change of elevation is gonna occur here.


The footers being worked on are very deep.


Land cleared along the ridgetop, viewed from the waterfall opposite the eagle viewing area.


I am fairly certain this area will house the station for the new ride, 'SCEC' and an arrow were spray painted onto the path in front of Blazing Fury which means Sevier County Electric is gonna be running power to that area.


Trees cleared behind Mystery Mine.


As well as long the hilltop itself.


That's all I have folks, discuss!

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Well Dollywood 2012 is my new baby. Cheetah Hunt is built and ridden so now this. Really looking forward to seeing what they have dreamed up, I bet it's gonna be great. There are some great coasters being built lately and I bet this will be a destination type ride. I just have a feeling that Dolly is gonna get something special.

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I could see this coaster at Dollywood being similar to Thirteen at Alton Towers. Am I the only one who thinks this?



What makes you think that? All of the clues point to a ride with a large footprint utilizing the terrain and no indoor sections.

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^ I agree, plus Verbolten at BGE is going to have an indoor section similar to Th13teen's and Dollywod is not terribly far away, it looks like a very large footprint and the terrain its on looks promising, 2012 is shaping up nicely already.

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On KICentral member Brian5475E posted photos of blue B&M track. He stated it was onI-275 (Cincinnati bypass) in Kentucky heading into Indiana. This makes sense that it could possibly be heading to Dollywood. Also, I would post the photos here but I'm on an iPhone and TPR isn't mobile.




Link to post/photos.


EDIT: The more I thought about it, if it was for Dollywood, it's not going the right way. Maybe CW? Disregard this post!


Why do I have a crazy feeling this will be for Six Flags Great America's supposed 2012 coaster?

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/\ Because B&M doesn't make wild mouse coasters or water rides.


Or Kiddie Coasters...? lol


My bad, I meant to say it's not headed to SFGAm because B&M doesn't make wild mouse coasters or water rides.

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So apparently someone tracked that truck down even further...


coastercaleb asked: Sweet that you ran into that B&M track! Did the driver say it was headed to Dollywood or something? Who told you?


Yeah, it was so bizarre! We stopped to get gas in Kentucky on the way back to Ohio from Holiday World & saw it hanging out in the truck lot. A guy in our group went & talked to the driver & he said he & the other truck were headed to Dollywood.





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