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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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RMC just posted this...pretty interesting to see if other smaller parks start getting RMC's more often.

Isn't this the same layout as the t-Rex track they posted? But this one has wood track instead.


Certainly looks that way.

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I swear I was just now posting the EXACT same pictures! Haha But yes, I would actually guess that they finished the quad down's entire stretch within a day. In that video, Pete said that even though the crew could handle TN's snow and cold weather, their hardest task was LR's steep and rugged terrain mixed with the heavy rain they've had. Plus if you've had any personal experience with Tennessee mud or "clay" as I like to call it mixed with rain, the stuff is like pure quicksand at times and very slick.

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This is such a damn beautiful ride. Amazing use of terrain, with a smoothly flowing layout that blends into the environment perfectly. I am so hyped to see the POV when it is finally released. It is one of the very few coasters hat has a realistic shot of being crowned the best overall coaster in the entire world. Dollywoid and RMC have come up with a very special design.


Also, I've never been to Dollywood, but looking at how secluded the "layout" side of the mountain/hill is, night rides should be top notch and completely pitch black. CP is on the dockett for 2016, but this is at the top of my 2017 list for sure!

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How long of a lifespan do you think RMC's have? Do you think they will last as long as traditional wooden coasters like Racer or Cyclone or will they eventually end up like steel coasters where they only have "so much time"?

I would think with the topper track it would be best of both worlds. It can stay around for a long time with maitenence but not call for as much maitenence as a traditional woodie. For I-box track, I believe the same applies, but it would call for a complete remake of mainly the track itself. It could be a bit more of a price tag, however it is just a guess.


Either way, I don't think this would be an issue we would see in any near future in the first place.

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I don't think I have ever seen so many people worried about the track not being complete on a roller coaster before.


It's just that opening day is less than a month away. Pete Owens in that video (from 2/15) said train "should be over the hill by the end of next week" implying this coming Friday (2/26), so as long as we see this track all finished up before then, we should be in fine shape!

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We snapped several pictures of LR today...the first set from Dollywood Cabins, while the second set was taken from some condos on the ridge next to the site.











Nice to see what a huge difference Lightning Rod will have on the DW skyline!



Trick track appears to be done, but so far no track work done on the half loop.




It's hard to see here, but there is one small section of track that hasn't been placed directly after the twist and shout element apparently where there was an access road.

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I don't know about anyone else, but ever since the announcement I've thought the giant wave turn was one of the scariest looking elements on a coaster that I've seen. And now seeing it constructed only confirms it for me even more so. It just looks like the whole thing is on the verge of falling over RMC is bringing back a sense of fear into coasters with their designs, which seems to have been lacking over the past number of years. I like it

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I agree! Also I love how crazy their elements look, but they never feel forced. I've never really liked S&S's El Loco coasters (for example...) because they always seem a bit unnatural and artificial somehow, but with RMC their twists and turns always have such a natural flow to them despite looking like something has gone horribly wrong.

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