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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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^ i agree, it doesn't look like enough to handle launching.

You're right. RMC has no idea what they're doing!


This kind of stuff was said about Outlaw Run before it opened, and would you look at that, the supports are still going strong!

but that still doesn't make the supports look any more special than what you would use to build a porch, because that's what they look like.

Well, there's a reasonable explanation for that.

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I think he means something like Maverick, where you start accelerating before the incline, then once the train is on the incline full acceleration takes place.


Uh yeah, sorry for the misunderstanding, that was what I meant indeed. No way the train would get its full speed before the climb...


Let me rephrase my comment:


By the way, looking at the radius at the bottom of the lift/launch which is unusually large, I think we might start to be launched on the flat part, and then carry on the launch on the incline, unlike Hulk for instance where you climb slowly and then woooosh.


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Just got back from the park and I have some Lightning Rod construction photos for you guys.


From the reserved parking lot.


Station is starting to take shape!


Some of the station theming is starting to show up.


More of the retro theming starting to show up in the construction


Lift hill track!


Another lift hill.


Overview of the entrance plaza.


Great view from the car ride! My son did the driving while I took this photo.


And one last shot from Smoky Mountain River Rampage.

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^Don't forget the quadrupile down and the finale will be included in that shot! Currently the prelift looks so weird all half built like it is!


Can someone confirm that the loading platform and queue house are almost like two, distinct buildings? It looks like the enterane/gift shop? Is in the foreground and the station itself is angled to it but still connected. I could be wrong but the angle is making me think this.

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