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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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What other projects have been stopped mid stream in the past?


Just curious.


We can't forget the Frequent Faller at Hersheypark in 2005! They officially announced it, put artwork on their website, and then a little while later they said stopped all of the plans.

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Did the CGA woodie get mentioned yet? My gut feeling tells me that one is not going to happen.


PKD also had a woodie that was well into the design phase that never got built.


Even Big Bad Wolf was started by one company, put on hold and completed by another.


And what you don't hear about are all the projects that go through a design process, land survey, marketing study, etc, etc, and never get green lit.


I would say that for any one project that makes it into development there are another 10 which have been cut.

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What does today's market jump mean for Adventure Mountain? If all goes well over the next few months, will they pick the project back up? After de-announcing it, the suspense may have been spoiled some, but it would still be better than waiting another year for it. Then again, they've made counter plans, and I'm sure it would be difficult to spin around again. It would be good to see them continue to grow though.


I don't beleive it is even an option to pick the project back up in a month or so because in that time you loose some of your greatest time for construction. Right now the weather is still cooperative for any construction and if you pick back up in one month that pushes the opening back by one month which would really be pointless because new attractions (at least at Dollywood) try to draw people all year long (unless they include water or whatever) and you loose one month of a possible increase of attendance because of that project. Just a thought.


In general I think the decision made by Dollywood/Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation was a very fiscally responsible one and I applaud them for making the tough decision in the interest of the park!

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Take a listen to Pete Owens, Dollywood Public Relations Manager, on "In The Loop" he gives a lot of insight to the decision, the economy and more.



Sounds like very good reasons to delay the project to me.


Dollywood’s Pete Owens was a guest on this week’s episode of In The Loop and he talked briefly about why Adventure Mountain was delayed. A major factor came up in the development when the price for the attraction jumped from $5 million to $7 million in just 60 days because of soaring costs for the raw materials… adding that the $7 million price tag was also for a scaled back version of the attraction. Pete also confirmed that Dollywood is going to move ahead on that rumored project to link the Dollywood and Splash Country parking lots.
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There was a Morgan Hyper Coaster with an elevator style lift that was cancelled at PGA (now CGA) several years ago. It was cancelled for the same reason the wood coaster is having troubles now. It was to be built on the property line up against the office buildings and they opposed the project.


PGA was also working on a version of FOF for the old Whizzer site. Needless to say, that project was also cancelled.

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Six Flags Great America has some:


Southwest Territory - Originally to be built by Marriott. They even built a chairlift to the area, but the new land didn't become a reality until 1996.


Entertainment Village(something like that)-this was going to be built around 2001, but they couldn't get the permits. There would have been a hotel, retail, and a water park.


Hurricane Harbor-I don't remember when this was planned for, but the park couldn't get permission from IDOT to build a tunnel under the highway to more land that the park owned. This might be connected to the proposed Entertainment Village.


Mr. Freeze-canceled after the problems with the one at SFSTL/SFoT. The area is now occupied by Camp Cartoon

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  • 5 months later...

First Multiple Zip-Line at a Theme Park Debuts at Dollywood


PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. – Starting in May 2009, Dollywood guests will be able to fly like an eagle over the 150 acre theme park and experience the majesty of the Great Smoky Mountains with the opening of SkyZip. SkyZip is the first multiple station zip-line experience to open in a U.S. theme park.


“SkyZip is the first of a series of premium experiences Dollywood plans to launch in the coming year. These high level family experiences are ‘ready-to-go’ meaning our guests just show up for the thrills, no previous experience or expensive gear needed,” said Ken Bell, president of Dollywood. “These deeper, personalized experiences will challenge our guests and often, fulfill lifelong dreams.”


Beginning early summer, the hour-long, premium SkyZip adventure will include up to five zip-line treks ranging in length from 100 to nearly 1,000 feet and a 100-foot long swinging bridge perched above the trees. Each zip-line is an elevated and inclined wire from which a pulley and a seating apparatus are suspended allowing the guest to move between two points via gravity.


Each SkyZip tour offers a distinctive adventure with a theme. Fliers will launch from a perch above the park’s region called Wilderness Pass and soar to Dollywood’s famed triple spiral-looping rollercoaster, Tennessee Tornado, and beyond. One trail takes adventurers breathtakingly close to Eagle Mountain Sanctuary. After a brief hike, the adventurers will zip above Craftsman’s Valley, which houses Dollywood’s talented artisans, to the same point where their adventure began.


As part of Dollywood’s celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the tour will also provide an environmental and historical tour of undeveloped and unspoiled property surrounding Dollywood hosted by specially trained adventure guides.


The new SkyZip is powered by Hawaii-based Skyline Eco-Adventures. In addition to park admission, an additional fee is required to experience SkyZip.


Skyline Eco-Adventures is a Hawaii-based, award-winning, zip-line developer and operator dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. It is the first and most experienced U.S. zip-line operator, as well as the first zip-line company in the world to become a member of “1% for the planet,” a group of businesses committed to giving at least one percent of its sales back to environmental preservation. Skyline Eco-Adventures will continue that effort at Dollywood.

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$40 sounds like a descent price to charge for an activity like this, especially when compared to the price of similar activities on cruise ships.


However, we can really expect anything from Dollywood. Remember how well priced their Q-bot system is. If that is any indicator to the upcharge of the new attraction, we can be looking at a great value!



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^ Yeah, I'm assuming so.


It definitely feels like a last minute attempt to add a little something this year. Or at least a down payment on next year.


The new entrance/set up building for it. Still lots of work needed. It's where they had just moved the lye soap stand last year, on the path between Tennessee Tornado and River Battle.

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Went on Wednesday. They have several of the zip lines up already, including this very long one from above River Battle that goes all the way across Wilderness Pass and up to where the train begins the turnaround at the upper loop. Then one of a zip line going right over Tn Tornado. This one ends up near the top of the lift to Tornado. They were working on platform construction when we were there.


Also hard to see, but this one goes right over Tornado's station.


Hard to see, but heres the point next to the train at the upper loop.


Start here or end here I guess...


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This looks like a very cool, unique attraction. I'm surprised more parks havent tried to build some of these thing, I've never personally been on one but they look like a blast. Imagine Zipping off the top of the Eifel Tower at Kings Island/Kings Dominion and down over the park or something, or off the top of a hotel somewhere like the Contemporary, I dont know just an idea.

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Hey, all, this is my son's company. Great guy, he and partners Dan/Buck dedicated to safety and the environment. Hope you all enjoy. Folks @ Dollywood are excited. So are we. After we open (hopefully, may 15) I sincerely want your opinions. Many many thanks.

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^ Thanks for posting!


I went by yesterday. Looks like they're training and/or testing with employees.


If that May 15th opening date happens, it looks like I won't be able to do it right away. I've got a (coaster) trip planned for that same time.


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