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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 771: Onsite employee housing under construction at Dollywood

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I thought I was watching a coaster announcement not a Dolly Parton concert.


Dolly is what makes Dollywood, well, Dollywood. Everything they do is going to relate back to her musical roots when they announce something like this. This is one thing that makes this park so awesome.

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It looks like it'll be such an amazing coaster! It's pretty much what I was expecting, once I accepted that they might not have inversions on it. It certainly doesn't need any, with everything else it has going for it! SO excited for my family vacation next year, which will include a day and a half at Dollywood (first timers!) Well done, Dollywood, and well done RMC!


Here is the official video they showed in the announcement!


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^^^^^That link is buried and I can't find the live stream as I closed out of it after the animation. I'm glad he posted that again - hes not making an announcement.


I like that it launches into a pre-drop. That should make for some great sustained airtime down the 2nd drop.


Honestly, this is my ONLY disappointment of the ride. A sharp crest and immediate drop would give an uninterrupted 45-73 mph acceleration. Think Maverick, but without slowing down a little.


And I stand corrected - there are black painted rails! YES!

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I'd say something like "This is amazing! We're absolutely going to be making the 12 hour drive out to Dollywood next year" but let's be serious... we were already going to be making the 12 hour drive out to Dollywood next year, and this year, and every other year because it's already amazing.


As far as the ride though, I mean holy living crap. What more could anyone ever want in a coaster? Ridiculous airtime, check. Great setting... check. Launch... check. Great use of terrain... check. Never before seen elements... check. What seems to be a pretty long ride... check. A ridiculously smooth but still really intense ride... check. Cinnamon bread once you get off the ride... check.


Wow! And good luck to every other park, have fun trying to follow this announcement.

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Call me crazy but nothing about this element screams "loop" to me...inverting or non inverting.


Non-inverting loop???

To me, a non-inverting loop is what's on Premier's Sky Rocket coasters...Regardless, this ride looks amazing!

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