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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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Sounds incredibly awesome! Our favorite part of California Adventure is the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. We spent HOURS in there. I love parks that are well-balanced with plenty of things to do for every member of the family. Like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Grab a coaster, grab a show, grab a llama. Uh....not sure that came out right.


Yeah for Dollywood! One of the awesomest parks anywhere. Thanks for thinking of kids of all ages and not just the zitty pubescent-folk.

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I snapped some pics of the newsletter.


I think it's pretty cool. I like that it's organic and fits in well with the natural surroundings. We'll see I guess..


But in the meantime I disected the artwork for all to enjoy.


I can definitely see the mixed feelings about it at first, but the more I looked at the artwork, the more I liked it. I think it's pretty unique and I like how it fits in perfectly with the rest of the park. I've never had an opportunity to try a zip line and I think this opens up that opportunity for more people. And likewise for people who, for whatever reason, can't make it into National park to experience walking in the creeks. I think it's a smart addition.


And i heard the whole contraption will be crawling with these creatures.


Looks like a kiddie canoe canal or something?


I kinda like that they covered the crawl through the falls so the blazing hot sun doesn't factor in.






Top of the zip line, top of the falls?


You can see the ride op wardrobe will be a micro skirt and bonnet.




Another zip line.




Overall Site

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I saw the newsletter to and I think it will be a great addition to Dollywood! The themeing looks great and it's something for the kids! It will definitely add some character to the Wilderness Pass area and maybe some shade! lol I think Dollywood did great with this move and this only means that there will be more funds for something more thrilling next year!.... hmmm good observation lol

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To be blunt about it, if I wanted to workout I would go to a gym, not a theme park. Plus the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is right next door where you can go on a REAL hike through the mountains - rather than wandering around in some artificial play fort.


Besides, Dollywood already had a bunch of net climbs, rope swings, ziplines, and physical activity-type stuff in the old Daydream Ridge area that was demolished for Dreamland Forest. I was under the impression they got rid of that because by the late 90s it was considered to be a liability.


I think this is the opposite view I have on theme parks, I had a great time on the ropes course at Toverland last year and I think more parks should at least offer something like this for people to stay more active. The entire area looks like it will be great if they stick close to what the concept art is showing. It may be a few years down the line until I can make my way over to the park, but this is something I'll be sure to do.


As to why add something like this when they already took something similar out, maybe enough (or the right) people complained that they missed the attraction. It could have possibly been the intent on destroying the older area was to implement a newer, safer (aka, dumbed down for sue-happy Americans) area in the future (aka 2009) to keep people, especially kids, physically active.

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Are these in the season pass holder newsletters?


Also they are getting a new perminate show i saw somewhere.... Wonder if they will have a new theater....


Also I think this thing will be impressive just to see! Im hoping to get out to Dollywood before school starts and ill take pictures of construction if there is any visible...

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This could turn out to be really cool. Or it could be really, really lame. It's kind of hard to tell, at this point. I'm not too excited about the canoe ride, since it appears to be kids only. The caves might be fun. I've never been on a zip line, but it looks like a capacity nightmare. Still, it's pretty cool that they're doing something so "European."


All in all, I think I would have rather had a flat ride in a building or something. But I could end up being wrong.


How's that for a wishy-washy opinion? :OP

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It looks really well themed. But I bet the law is going to make the zipline pointless. Here in Europe, if someone gets hurt, people don't and try to "get money" from the park. But I'm glad they are going to try and make a zipline rope course.

But like I said, it probably won't compare to the one at Toverland or Adventure Parc, or if it does, they will make it so you must sign many papers just it case you get hurt.




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A disclaimer has appeared on the website of Adventure Mountain, Dollywood's supposed new attraction for 2009:


Although Dollywood was excited to announce Adventure Mountain for 2009, the ongoing downturn in the economy has created unpredicted changes in cost and availability of basic materials like steel and concrete used to build the new attraction. Therefore, Dollywood is choosing to take a proactive step and delay the Adventure Mountain project.


Adventure Mountain is yet another one-of-a-king attraction that sets a new standard in the industry. Our guests have come to expect and appreciate this standard of excellence from our most recent rides such as Mystery Mine, River Battle and Thunderhead. By delaying the Adventure Mountain project, we cna ensure that it too will live up to the quality we want our guests to experience.


Instead, our energy in 2009 will focus on our award-winning reputation for stellar Festivals and Entertainment. This will be our largest entertainment year ever! During Festival of Nations, we are adding 'Imagine' by Le Grande Cirque- an incredivle cirque show produced just for Dollywood. To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Dollywood is producing our most elaborate show ever- Sha-Kon-O-Hey! It is a Smoky Mountain story for which Dolly has written all the music! Overall, we plan to continue delivering a world-class adventure for families with the famous hospitality our hosts provide every day.


In other words, Dollywood is getting uneasy in this economy, and has pulled the plug to concentrate on the parking lot improvements and new shows...

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I think this is a VERY smart move.


Personally, while I would love to see this attraction open sooner, I think Dollywood actually has built enough in the past 3 or 4 years to carry them through until 2010.


IMO just completing the loop is almost a marketable attraction in itself!



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Money mis-management in the 90s under Kieran Burke?


Everyone needs to remember Six Flags is producing the best numbers it has in over a decade- my point is- a company that SHOULD be worrying about its finances (SF) is STILL adding attractions while a company that SHOULDN'T be worrying about finances to the same degree (HFEC) is joining the rest of the country in this economic madness...

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The people who run Dollywood have the numbers, and I'd much rather they open this attraction later, than push it out for this year half-assed. What's good for Dollywood's business has to be their #1 priority and I'm sure what little they lose in pushing this one back a bit is more than made up by what they *could* lose with all of this crazy economic stuff going on. If the numbers add up I'm totally in agreement with Rob and the others in this thread.

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They also site the "availability" of construction materials--kind of tough to build anything if you can't get your hands on concrete and steel. The big crunch now is getting credit, which contractors would need to purchase those materials in the first place.

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