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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 791: Big Bear Mountain family coaster announced for 2023!

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Dollywood to take over SkyZip

by DEREK HODGES The Mountain Press

8 hrs ago | 0 | 1 | |

PIGEON FORGE — The legal fight that brought a halt to rides on Dollywood’s newly-installed ziplines has come to a settlement that will see the theme park taking over that operation from the Hawaii-based company that started them.


The high-flying attraction was closed for several months in 2011, just its second year in existence, after a tree collapsed on one of the lines, rendering it unusable. That led to a lawsuit in which Skyline Eco Adventures, the tour operator, claimed Dollywood caused the damage with nearby construction, which Dollywood filed a counterclaim holding that the other company breached its contract.


Both parties signed a document ordering the case be dismissed with prejudice, meaning it can’t be filed again, but details behind that Feb. 10 filing in U.S. District Court haven’t been released. However, the document does stipulate that no one has accepted any blame.


For more details and the rest of the story, see The Mountain Press, on sale throughout the county or by subscription to your home.

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Wow, it looks like they've done a great job of landscaping that area, I love all of those evergreen trees around the station, I hope that the ride area looks as good.


Opening day should be great, anyone that is considering going from Central Florida area may want to look into Allegiant Airlines, they currently have round trip flights out of Orlando Sanford Airport into Knoxville (less than an hours drive from Dollywood) for under $200 round trip.

Allegiant Airline

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^ The zipline problem started a while back, the zipline wasn't even open most of the 2011 season! It was predicted that Dollywood would be taking it over.


As far as the eagle goes... I love how Dollywood has made me just as excited to see the plaza/station/gift shop/ect. than to ride the ride! They always to an incredible job blending their rides in with the surroundings. This ride is exactly what Wilderness Pass needed to make it "complete".

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Here is the first video from Tuesday's Media Event. This video concentrates on the installation of the eagle sculpture and includes interviews with Kevin Stone (sculptor) and Pete Owens (Dollywood Public Relations Manager)


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Daughter and I are going to Dollywood for first time ever the weekend of March 31. Staying in Gatlinburg. I would appreciate any tips for dining (outside the park, from what I have read can not go wrong INSIDE the park) or any other suggestions regarding the park or surroundings.

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If you drive to Pigeon Forge, there is Dixie Stampede Dinner Theater which features good food and a good show between the North and the South. If you like something basic, hit Denny's, they're always good! There are more options, but I cannot think of any more. Oh, and if you are interested in mini golf, there are plenty of options throughout Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg.

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I dont know if this has been mentioned or not but will Wild Eagle have a single rider line?




I would appreciate any tips for dining


First of all, definitely take advantage of Dollywood's amazing dining options. Seriously, just try as much as you can! If you do find yourself outside the park looking for someplace to eat, here are some suggestions: (The area has every place you can think of to eat, but these are a couple of options that are unique to the area)


Southern Food




This is pretty much turned into a tourist trap type place but the food is still really good. This is the place that brings you apple fritters with apple butter and apple julep with every meal. The apple fritters are pretty much amazing!




Another restaurant that is pretty much its own tourist trap. Usually, rated the top restaurant in the area. Will be crowded most of the time.


If you like beer




Decent selection of beers probably the best in the area. Food is good too.




Gondolier Pizza


Love this restaurant! Only about five minutes from the park. They have pizza, italian staples, sandwiches, subs, pretty much everything.


There are also a TON of pancake house type places. I have been to a bunch of them and they are all about the same, but I can tell you the Pancake Pantry (most famous of the bunch) in Gatlinburg almost always has a line around the building.


If you are into miniature golf, you wont have a problem finding one. The most unique is certainly Hillbilly Golf in Gatlinburg.


There is also a show produced by Cirque Du Soleil located on the main drag between Pigeon Forge and Sevierville.


For anything else you could imagine doing in the area or most importantly avoid, feast your eyes on this masterpiece of a thread:


Erik & Smisty's Smoky Mountain Adventures


hit Denny's, they're always good!


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Denny's? Hahaha. That'd be one of the last places I'd eat when I'm in the Smokies. So so so many unique and delicious restaurants to choose from. Also, besides restaurants there is a ton to do in the area such as the Ripley's attractions, mini-golf, lots of shows, tons of go-kart complexes, Titanic museum, WonderWorks, Jurassic Jungle Boat ride (HAHA!), Ober Gatinburg, and so much more! There's a reason our family visits the Smokies every year!


Fun Fact: The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum is in Gatlinburg!

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Sorry about the double post, but we ate there for dessert!!! And I liked the Jurassic boat ride and I also thought the go-kart complex that goes in the giant helix (no banking) was fun and gave airtime on the drop right after the helix.

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if you don't mind the short drive into Gatlinburg, try out the Mellow Mushroom. They have awesome Pizzas, Calzones, and Italian Food, not to mention an amazing selection of beer. Also, the Gatlingurg area is pretty cool to walk around in the evening with all the candy shops and attractions. You should definitely check it out.



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As promised, here is Part II of last Tuesday's Wild Eagle Media Event.


This update will give you an inside look at Wild Eagle's loading station/queue building and an exclusive look at the ride's control panel!




As we waited for Wild Eagle's sculpture to he hoisted into place, Pete Owens was kind enough to give us a sneak peak at the loading station!


Here is a look at what will be the ride's queue building. The line will wind around in here (notice the ample shade!) and then make your way to the back staircases up to the loading platform. (directly above in this photo)


A closer look at some of the amazing detail!


From down below in the queue, you will get this little sneak peak at what awaits you!


This is what you see as you begin climbing the stairs up to the loading platform.


Speaking of the loading platform, here it is!


The ride was still in its initial testing with water dummies as these guys seem ready for another run!


Oooh, what is this I see! Would you guys like to take a closer look at Wild Eagle's Control Panel???


Well you can in all of its blurry glory!


Hopefully, a ride operator will never push the right button during your run on Wild Eagle!


More control panel buttons because I know you love them!


No Chuck! Don't press the button!


More nerdy details of the control panel!


Oooh, Wild Eagle's Diagnostics Screen!


And Wild Eagle cameras!


These dummies sure look comfortable!


Fresh, new Wing Rider wheels!


Here is a look at the front of the finished trains.


And a look at the ceiling of the loading stations. Love it!


Who here is jealous of this dummy? Raise your hand.


Proof that there is indeed an elevator! This is located on the right side of the station.


The beginning...


... and the end.


How about a close-up of the end???


Great views of Tennessee Tornado from the loading station can be had! And yes that is the back of Blazing Fury.


And overview of Wild Eagle's entrance plaza. The gift/exit shop is on the right and the new hydration station (former SkyZip office) is on the left.


A lot of the work last week was concentrated on finishing the pathways for the plaza and entrance/exit to the ride. You will exit down the pathway on the left.


Hmm, I wonder what these guys are doing?


They are working on yet another detail of Wild Eagle's theme! Inspirational Words will be found throughout the plaza.


Do you DARE ride Wild Eagle??? (Corny joke quota reached for the year)


A closer view of the entrance plaza. This place will be packed the next time I see it! Thanks once again for reading!

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Just got this email from Dollywood!


Greetings All – The Wild Eagle First Ride Auction has begun! (Or as some of our friends say, “Gone-Live.”)


Please share this with your family and friends on your social pages. We want as many people to see this as possible!


Here is the run down:

There are 52 seats available.

They can be bought at $750 or best offer.

It will run for 7 days

*Here is a shortened link for you to use for aesthetic purposes - http://bit.ly/ylXrj7



All proceeds go to the American Eagle Foundation.


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