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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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Which one? I think the tower that is showing up in the background behind Tennessee Tornado is just a cell tower. The shot looking towards Thunderhead is actually looking north, the opposite direction from Gatlinburg.

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Here is a couple of photos that I took last week that didn't really fit in with the Wild Eagle construction update, but I thought were interesting enough to share.


I present to you:


Splash Battle in the off-season!


Here is a unique view of a drained Splash Battle from high above the park!


Splash Battle boats are currently sitting in the parking lot. Pete Owens explained to us that every ride is put through extensive tests in the off-season including being X-rayed.


A close-up of one of the boats.


One more look at the boat!

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We rode the Splash Battle in August when it was 90+ degrees and it was a very welcome soaking. All the kids manning the water guns on land thought that it was hilarious to "soak the old guys on the boat!" We had a riot on that thing and rode it around twice because there was no line...what a great addition to an already well-rounded park.


Oh yeah...thanks for sharing the great pics of Wild Eagle. This coaster is going to be awesome!

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Thanks for those amazing pics,

To everyone, I've been on Raptor, and you can believe me, those restraints given me one of the best loopy coaster experience. and the seat is soooo comfortable BUT, just one thing bothers me, the belt. It look like as small as the Raptor ones, I'm not a very fat guy, but I really had luck closing the seat belt, 5 millimeters more, and I was off the ride!

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^I rode that thing with Guy and his kids two years ago--got absolutely soaked!

Jarett & January remember this well. They love bringing people on that ride to get them wet. Most people don't realize just how drenched you will get while on it. You will not be left with a dry bone. Definitely not a Dan approved ride.


Guy "But we love it!" Koepp

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I absolutely love how the B&M roar will be loud above the midways! It is going faster than I imagined too! I can't wait for this to open and ride it... It is going to be a great addition to Dollywood!



Gosh, Windseeker at KD being topped off and Wild Eagle at Dollywood testing... It's a day I've been waiting quite some time for!

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Nice. Looks like it hauled ass through the loop, and the airtime hill should actually provide some air. Nice slower pace through the other maneuvers. Those trains look a hell of a lot better out on the course, especially now that you can see more angles of them like the details on the back of the seats.


I have to say it again: this ride is such a sister to Wildfire, and that's a really good thing. I've ridden Wildfire hundreds of times now and I enjoy it just the same everytime I go back. I know you guys out in TN will have the same experiences here. There's something to be said for a timeless layout like this as opposed to the various gimmicks they could have added.

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