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Cell Phones


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I'm not a physician or a drug dealer.


I have no use for a cell phone. You want to talk to me, call me at home. If I'm not there, I'm doing something more interesting than talking to you.


Seriously, I have no interest in being available for my friends and family 24-7. Just not my bag.

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I have a Nokia 6610 and the Old man has a Nokia 5100. We've always had Nokias and have never had a problem with them. They're easy to use and have mostly the same menus no matter which phone you have (we've gone through 4 Nokias each through upgrading them). I would recommend a Nokia to anyone who is going to buy a mobile phone (or cell phone for you Yankees)

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the great Audiovox 8610 from Virgin pre-paid wireless. it 0wnz!

well, it's not bad actually. I only have a cell b/c I don't have a home phone so this is the only way to get in touch with me.


not like I get people calling me a lot. even when you put your phone # in your profile nobody calls you.

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Siemens S66




1.3 Megapixle Camera

HUDGE screen


Lots of pre-loaded games/applications

And Much MORE!!!



Great Phone...Small Key's Is The Only Error....BUT GREAT PHONE loaded with TONS of photo's.....










Heres My Baby

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Personally I don't have a cell phone, though both my parents and two of my brothers have them (the other two are much younger and don't need them yet). I have a standard land line, but I use the Internet for most of my communications. I don't have to worry about interrupting a movie or being rude to the people at the supermarket who are checking me out.

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