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Best Arrow Suspended Coaster

What do you think is the best Arrow Suspended Coaster?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best Arrow Suspended Coaster?

    • Big Bad Wolf (BGW)
    • Eagle Fortress (Everland)
    • Hayabusa (Tokyo SummerLand)
    • Iron Dragon (CP)
    • Ninja (SFMM)
    • Top Gun (PKI)
    • Vampire (Chessington World of Adventures)
    • Vortex (PCW)

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First off this is "spitball" question. Would it be possible to extend Flight Deck's layout? Like make the lift higher and have it go around SOB or something like that. S&S Power has to be able to do this right? They wouldn't have fire everyone from Arrow, would they?


Again, this is theoretical, I know tha lt this would not happen but could it? Like in the way of accualling changing the ride, not the possiblilty that Cedar Fair would accually do this.

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^ If Kennywood can change Steel Phantom into Phantom's Revenge, then yeah that would definitely be POSSIBLE. It is highly implausible, however, as the costs would be very high, and the ridership isn't even that great to begin with. If Cedar Fair was spending money to redesign the layout of a coaster, I'd like to see them add on and reprofile the Beast with the help of GCI. Think about it: adding elements to the ride besides a helix and tunnels, not to mention recapturing the longest coaster record...


It'll still never happen, but a man can dream...

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Having ridden 7 of the 8 (missing Hayabusa), this is quite easy:


Eagle's Fortress by a wide, wide margin!


Nothing would come in second.


Flight Deck would edge out BBW (despite it's length) as there are no breaks in the action, for third.




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Ninja, easily. I love it, and just the suspended coaster concept in general, but unfortunately with the removal of Eagle's Fortress and BBW, no other suspended coaster impresses me. Flight Deck and Iron Dragon are the other two suspended coasters I've ridden and I rank them very low.

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I've only been on two Arrow Suspended Coasters (Big Bad Wolf and Vortex) and I have to say that I liked Vortex more than the Big Bad Wolf. While the Big Bad Wolf had arguably one of the best drops I've ever experienced, I thought that the second lift-hill kind of ruined the ride's pacing. Meanwhile, Vortex is relentless from beginning to end and in my opinion was way more forceful and thrilling. The only weakness of Vortex was how short it was.


I'm sure that Eagle's Fortress would have been my favorite had I gotten the chance to ride it; however, unfortunately I never will be able to.

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I've been on only three of these coasters (XLR8, BBW, and Ninja). BBW was the best of the three in my opinion. Even though I knwo it wasn't the greatest or most thrilling, its kinda sad that XLR8 wasn't even a choice. It has a special place for me, as it was one of the first coasters that I really liked and wanted to ride over and over again. Such a shame about Astroworld.

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I really wanna know what Eagle Fortress was like. How did it compare to Big Bad Wolf?


Picture the drop over the Rhine river lasting for over a minute, not just 8 seconds, with NO brakes.







Here's the video, which does a little justice.


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