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Best Arrow Suspended Coaster

What do you think is the best Arrow Suspended Coaster?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best Arrow Suspended Coaster?

    • Big Bad Wolf (BGW)
    • Eagle Fortress (Everland)
    • Hayabusa (Tokyo SummerLand)
    • Iron Dragon (CP)
    • Ninja (SFMM)
    • Top Gun (PKI)
    • Vampire (Chessington World of Adventures)
    • Vortex (PCW)

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I didn't even see this thread.


By FAR I will say BBW @ BGE. I worked this ride (operator) when it opened in '84-'88 and worked maintenance in '89+ and I must say it surpasses all of the other suspended's (even with Arrow's improvements over the years in design/layouts). BBW is truly the one "original" that the terrain was used to the maximum effect.

With recent "upgrades" and modifications, it still is a good "starter" ride for the younger kids.


Most of you (unless you rode it in 84-86) probably won't rate it that high, but during these years (84-86) it was simply amazing. Especially at nite (w/out the trim brakes on) and during the March-April months (this is because all of the parts are still new and breaking in).

When we installed the trims (after #2 lift) it was designed to slow down the ride and not to keep welding the track sections on the final s-turn and the round-a-bout turn before the brake run. I DO NOT like the new travel-limiter (shock packages)!


Around 90-92-ish we modified the "village" and last turn sections with new track (notice the bolted sections). It actually smoothed out the transitions between the track and the wheel carriers, but it definately "tamed" the beast somewhat (but much less maintenance welding=downtime).


I believe in 08 a new chassis/train carriers will be coming online for the ride and a couple of other modifications will be incorporated and a new shock-package as well.

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I voted for Vortex @ PCW... It's the only one I've been on and I'm pretty sure it's one of the more powerful ones out there. I just wish it were longer but at least the line moves really quickly.



I don't know why you would vote for Top Gun @ PKI more than Vortex @ PCW... It's just Vortex minus the terrain and that's no good!

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I can claim three of these:


- Iron Dragon

- Top Gun

- Big Bad Wolf


...I chose BBW! The way that ride leaves the station it's amazing the amount of speed it picks up. The theming is nice, and the near misses through the village make for a cool ride. But the 100' drop down to the river just rocks! I wasn't expecting much from it the first time I rode, but I'm a fan now!

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Two good things I can say about Top Gun (PKI) are:


1) The first drop is pretty good, and the second drop into the valley is not bad either.


2) No matter how many times I ride that coaster in the front seats, that last swing into the brake run freaks me out everytime. I always feel like were gonna smack into the supports.


Two bad things are...


1) It's too short!


2) Most of the theming is gone, or those parts of the ques are no longer used.

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