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Why do Americans sue for EVERYTHING?!


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The problem is that its become waaaaay to easy to sue people without any consequences for the plantiff party. In canada for example, they've enacted laws to penalizing people who bring about ludicrous lawsuits. if they lose, they pay the all the costs for court time and legal fees. Thats one thing we need to start doing here, the threat of paying out for being stupid will lower cases on the docket,at least, on the local and state level.

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^in regards to that. I think the if they enacted penalties and made the plantiffs pay for them, the cost to go after that debt would not be cost effective. You go after those on Welfare, medicaid and the like, and it will be a cold day in hell before you get anything.

the majority of suits in this country are by those who literally have NOTHING to lose.

just my 2cents

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^ scooter, im not talking in major states or national cases (vs big corporations or organizations) or legit CALs that have affected numerous people, im mainly referring to the majority of the penny ante cases that sit on dockets across this country(person vs person, person vs small business). In those cases, I think they should heard straight to arbitration and settle it there.

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i'm going to sue all of you just for the hell of it.


you want to know why americans sue so much? because were so money hungry and "let's not offend anybody" now. has anyone heard that sombody sued for spilling coffee on herself? now that's just being greedy. it's your own fault, dumbass.



and actually flying scooter, i beleive that it is the sidewalks fault for him getting struck by lightning. if the sidewalk hadn't built itself there, the man would not have been there, would he?

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