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PTR: San Francisco and Sacramento 3/18-3/19


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You can see my TR's from the event in Wally's thread on the coaster forum. But since this isn't about coasters I figured I should move on over to the random forum. The day after the event Wally, Karen, and Gavin were kind enough to drive me down from Sacramento to San Francisco to do a little sight seeing. Its a beautiful town, and there sure are some sights!

The rest of my report with more pictures (Yes actually much more!) are here:



Wally's recap:



Welcome to Oakland Bitches! :click: :click:


Bye San Francisco! I'll be sure to come back in May when you have your sale on Birkenstocks.


I picked this up for the cheap. While Wally had his eye on the hottest piece in the shop


Damn dirty hippie and his poster shop full of lust


On our way back an angry mob of segways came up and knocked me down. I guess I should have been wearing my helment and bright yellow vest.


El duderino and the most excellent Karen


Myspace Pose


Wally keeps it real in front of some bridge


Yes Donnie, we were near the In-N-Out.

I can't believe I still didn't eat at one when I was out there. How very undude of me.


Damn tourists. Oh and the city too.


Apparently, there are 2 boats in this picture.


Crabs and a "O Face" all in one shot. :Giggity Giggity: :Allll Riiight:


And ZOMG Robots!?! They will control us all!


Diverse economic classes...


Spacious parking all around...


Welcome to San Francisco! Home of...


On the road! Out across the Bay Bridge


After a awesome Buffalo Chicken sammich and the obligatory nacho plate it was time to head out, but not before we picked up a little personal supply ;)


I had the sampler. Unfortunatly no Curve Ball was to be had. April 1st, mark your calenders!


We got things started off with a bit of lunch at the Pyramid Brewery


Wally's ready to go

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Time to go home but not without a stop at...

The Sacramento Brewing Co.!

Wally was giddy.


We had a Red Horse and some others at the bar while enjoying, what else but a Nacho plate and cheese burgers.


I'm watching idiots crash into each other on tv, and Wally's...Wally's... I got nothing.

Count +2


Time to get packed for the trip home. A bird shit im my left eye, sry.


Couldn't fit it all in the box so had to improvise.


Wally dropped me off, and I spent another whopping 10 minutes in security, so I give you the airport bar with Pyramid and Red Horse on tap. Also, help yourself to a complimentary ass shot.


Everyone made it home safetly.

Wow, my collection grew! I need more space.


Wow, and the final tally is 24 different beers tasted over the course of the trip.

Mission Accomplished.

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