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The Hottest Photo EVER!!!

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Land sakes


Thank the Almighty Faerie Tael Godds that dear sweet and ever-so-sensible Aurora (Pssst - Slp Beaut) wasn't part of this .......uh........ugly...... debauchery of....


Princess' Excessssssssss Lipssschtick


(Altho I'm sure 'some' bois in our crowd are salivating most profusely...)


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That's strange--that was my exact dream too.





...just kidding.





...I dont like bbq sauce.


...one of the Fantanas?


Who are (or were) "the Fantanas?"


Curious bear here.


I think they mean Fantasmic.




"Want a Fanta, don't you wanna."

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Actually Cindy looks like Da Boss there, lolol.

Queen Beehive, hah!


And Red's the "new girl in town"...


Ariel & Belle, Cindy's Gurls A Flava - are keepin' close to their golden gurlfren.


This could get somewhat hip-hopped or rapped, somehow, hmm?



(Yeah, and who knew even I'd download it! Couldn't pass it up.)

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