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Favorite Coaster at Cedar Point?

Favorite coaster at Cedar Point?  

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  1. 1. Favorite coaster at Cedar Point?

    • Blue Streak
    • Magnum Xfluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo200
    • Mantis
    • Mean Streak
    • Millennium Force
    • Raptor
    • Top Thrill Dragster
    • Wicked Twister
    • Other

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From that list I have been on..

Blue Streak

Magnum XL-200


Mean Streak

Millennium Force


I guess Raptor would be #1... But overall I think CPs best coaster is Gemini.... It has good air at the end... A GREAT first drop that seems mega steep in the front seat.. + It has that great chopper.


I also think CCMR in the backcar at night is a really great ride.

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I think my top 3 would go something like this:


1. Millennium Force

2. Gemini

3. Blue Streak


For some reason I was never a huge fan of Raptor and Magnum is one of those rides I just don't "get." Everyone seems to go nuts over it, but lately I've just found it to be rough and uncomfortable.


And I've only ever been on TTD once and I prefer the other rockets I've been on over it. The other ride I like a lot there is Wicked Twister. That would probably be a #4 for me or even tied for #3.



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Magnum takes the top spot for me followed by Twister. MF maybe... but I have only ridden three times and in the rain which was so painful I had to shield my face (yes I know I was a wimp but see- I had already exfoliated that morning in the shower) so my only memory of it is as a 'dark ride'


-oh and I am not so sure about the super speedy lift hill - took away some of the suspense building IMO.


Edit - what am I saying ? - I know why MF isn't my No.1 It's because they made me try out the 'are you too bleedin' fat for this ride chair' before I could go on. Oh the shame - note to self, cut back on the beers before next visit to CP.


Steve- I'm to sexy for this chair' -C

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Tough decision between Millie and Maggie. I went with the "big red one" because of its lines, or lack thereof. Got to ride it 25 times last season, all told.


I, too, am surprised more people like Gemini.




1. Magnum


2. Millennium Force


3. Wicked Twister


4. Gemini


5. Raptor


6. Top Thrill Dragster

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This was a really hard decision for me. Though I ended up choosing Raptor, there are still so many other coasters that could be at the top. Millenium Force was great, and Magnum is . But there is just that something about Raptor... I could go on and on, but I cant give a list, just because there are way too many close calls.... but I really didnt think Mantis was all that great, It made my leg go numb and was EXTREMELY painful (even though I hate saying bad things about B&M).

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1. Millennium Force - great but could have been much better (SROS at SFNE is my no. 1)

2. Top Thrill Dragster - one trick pony but what a trick, every ride is pure intensity.

3. Magnum - brutal but that bunny hop run is killer, your thighs will be blue but you'll have a smile on ya face.

4. Raptor - an invert with just about everything in terms of elements.

5. Gemini - love the first drop, lots of fun.

6. Wicked Twister - loses a bit compared to the TTD launch, but still fun.

7. Blue Streak - has so much charm and is a fun ride.

8. Mantis - I don't like stand ups but it's got a good course.


The rest - my only comment is Mean Streak should be relocated to the bottom of lake Erie.

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