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What are you scared of?

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I'm arachniphobic (sp?). Just looking at them give me the chills. I had a huge spider dangling above my head once as I was heading off to bed. I saw it heading toward me and I jumped out and waited like 20 mins and finally saw it on the wall...It then fell onto the bed somewhere and back onto the wall a bit later and then I finally killed him.


The spider shown is one I took a pic of a few months back. I didn't put my camera up to it, I zoomed in on it. Yes, it's eating a bee.


Grrr...I'm an angry spider!!!

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Any form of insect, spiders, bees, i'm not too fond of snakes,my brother when he's mad, micheal jackson's ugly-ass face.






thanks for the nightmares!



Trev"is shivering with fear"32

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I posted it to share the thing that haunts me with all my forum friends . I was afraid of spiders but when I moved to my new house I got a room in the basement so I have been forced to adapt to them. I used to be mordified by them but now I'll let them in my hand to crawl around. Here's a pic of the Spiders I get in my room, the Carolina Wolf Spider, little guys make it all the way to Northern Kentucky :shock: .


Carolina Wolf Spider, gimme some candy!

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My fear is simple: Aluminum Foil... Mortal fear of Aluminum Foil.

When i was little, my mom used to pack my lunch and wrap my P&J sandwich in Aluminum foil...

Well, one day during lunch, i didn't get all the foil off and "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTT!" i bit into it...

It felt like lightening bolts going off in my head! My friends swore they saw sparts fly out of my mouth...

That's my only fear...

Pretty lame, huh?

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haha! You were so scared of that thing, scaring everyone else in that room when you suddenly screamed. If only I can find a picture of it...


The other thing that's scary are Teletubbies and Booh Bahs. (The toys aren't so bad but when you see a 'live' one on TV, they're scary looking)

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