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Stealth (Thorpe Park) Spezial Video

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Hey Guys,

i have for you a new Video of Stealth in ThorpePark.

I was there over the weekend. This Coaster rocks!

I hope my Video is good and i bacame some Comments from you. (Oh man, sry for my english )




Good bye,



PS: The ThorpePark Video:




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I went on Sunday, 2 trains we running, the park say they want 2 trains running every day, that why they have 3 trains, just incase theres a problem!


DON'T BE FOOLED IF THERES A LONG QUEUE, it goes down very quickly!


The staff that work on Stealth are brilliant, they really try to get the queue down as quick as possible!


One thing I'm still confused with is Stealth's VERY futuristic logo in a 1950's themed area!!


They kind of made the same mistake with Air, being put in the Forbidden Valley!

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Tinhead be preperd for collosus to be shut because i went on friday(17th march) and today(28th march) and it was shut and they said that it will be shut for a while and stealth was shut today but it is opening on thursday. Oh btw that was a cool POV does anybody know if they asked if they could do it or did they just doin without asking?

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I have made some Wallpaper for you. I Hope there are ok and you have fun with this Pics!





Wallpaper Nr. 1: For a better and bigger Quali please written a PN and i send the Pic to you.


Wallpaper Nr. 2: For a better and bigger Quali please written a PN and i send the Pic to you.

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Went to Thorpe Park for the first time this season today and rode Stealth 10 times! As you may have guessed, I loved it. The front row was the best for the launch - Was pretty intense! The back row gave good airtime over the top hat as long as it didn't just crawl over!


Only one car was running today but the longest we waited was 35mins - However this did include a 20 minute delay to clear a bird from the front car wheels which had been wiped out big time! If someone had just put on some gloves and grabbed it out, would've been much quicker. However we had to wait for a man with a big pole to prise it out! Comedy moment of the day.


Anyways, whoevers going soon I proimise you this - You won;t be disappointed. So intense, so smooth - Awesome!


PS Colossus sucks ass.

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