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Well here are the photos from our trip on Friday. Not a ton, or nearly as many as Wally, but I thought I would post a few of the good ones.


Had a really good time though with everyone, and it was good to see Rick and Gwen again today at PGA. Thanks to Wally for organizing such a good event.


Aight now to the pics.




Well that is it for my TR. But yea. this is the infamous mall cart which Don was filming and a crazy indian dude went off on him, calling mall security, and creating havoc to no end. GOOD TIMES. Thanks for reading.


So yea.. We hit up REd Robin after SFMW. This is where the near international conflict arose.


Gotta love the stale chips.


And now Monica tracks down another Bugs not even 500 ft away from the first one within a few minutes. She also had a good time mocking it.


So here is one Bugs Bunny....


None the less, coaster time. Mike gets his first ride on Medusa. It was running pretty well.


We get into the park and were greated by Angry Kevin of NorCalCoasters. Kevin is paid to act as a coaster enthusiast at the park.... No Joke. "Cause Shaipiro Said So!"


Oh yea.. Back to Don jumping, he almost didn't make it....


Aww gotta love Six Flags!


Rick went swimming up to the front gate. Some of us others went over the fence, while Wally and Gwen did the walk around.


Now we magically appear at SFMW for some fun. Don shows his true feelings about the 45th Anniversary of SF!


Don, Rick and Wally all sharing a brew for St. Patty's Day. Thanks for the first round Wally!


So next up was the Blue Frog in Vacaville.


Another shot. Good times. We had a chance to try the new Spikes they were pretty good suprisingly.


Don and Monica reppin' the TPR at Beer School.




The day started off with the Plant Tour.

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You know I really should clear up the 'incident' so peeps know what went down.


Basically it was a cart selling bootleg toys and plastic famicom emulators. There was this big FBI bust a few weeks ago and they busted the guys importing these due to Nintendo copyright/IP violations.


Well I found a cart that was still selling these and started videotaping out of boredom (waiting for a table) and this indian dude running the cart just went ape$*it!


He was totally flipping out and grabbing for my camera. We went in and got our table and he whipped out two cellphones and started making calls like crazy. Then his posse showed up and just started pointing and maddogging us for the rest of the night. It was funny as hell!


Ahh...I haven't had that much fun in a mall in a while. Thanks for posting the pics Ry-Ry!


-Don..."International Instigator!!"

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