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Photo Trip Report: Green Beer, Cheer and Fear

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Fun was had all weekend long. Not just on St Patty’s Day at the Green Beer, Cheer & Fear event hosted by The Second Set. I had the pleasure of my partner in crime, Michael Moore, to fly out for the weekend from Memphis, Tennessee and join in some NOR*CAL shenanigans.


After I picked up Mike from the airport, the first stop had to be a local micro brewery. So we started off at Brew It Up in downtown. Enjoyed some brews and dinner.


Ladder #2 Ale makes you feel a little goofy.


Wait... this guy was goofy to start.


Me being a big nerd as always, I had the chicken parm.


Friday morning before the event, we headed to Old Sac to check out the morning St Patty's Day scene. I guess they don't do 5am kegs and eggs in Sacramento. Must be an Ohio thing.


First stop of the morning was O'Mally's.


The place was pretty dead. Just locals to start.


The local news crew showed up to see what was going on.


I got to meet the hottest morning news MILF from channel 3. I love you Deirdre!!!


The first beer of the morning was Boddington's on draft.


Then a local fav, Pyramid's Hefeweizen.


Mike was showing his true Irish spirit by double fisting.


The next stop was Fanny Anne's where we got a bite to eat and drank Sierra Nevada IPA.


Nothing like a Jiffy burger in the morning to get you going. Yes, that's peanut butter on my burger. And it's damn good too!


So then we headed to the Budweiser Brewery for the start of the GBCF event.


I stared with a Amber Bock with a shot of chocolate SPIKES. Tasty!!!


These tools when up for some taste testing during the tour.


Don was feeling pretty good.


I had to have a fresh Budweiser before I left.


A lot of empty cups at Rick and Gwen's table.


Now that everyone had enough to drink, let's get some food in our stomachs.


We ate at the Blue Frog for lunch. Where the wonderful host bought the first round.


I've never seen Don actually drink this much beer. Of course... they were out of cider. So that's probably why.


Silly monkeys.


The corned beef and gabage was pretty tasty.




We strike the ACEr pose, and head to Six Flags Marine World.


It's only a 2 mile hike to the park. We'll be ok.


I think someone farted.


Yeah... I'll pass.


B&M goodness!!!



One person on the train. Do I really need to explain?


The first herd moves in.


Monica gets her picture with the 3rd Bugs Bunny we see in the park.


Stingrays... how flipp'n exciting.




Aww... it's just a friendly dolphin. A dolphin from SeaWorld Ohio a matter a fact.


Time for some beers. Well... maybe one. That's all I can afford.


Time to get the buzz back. Where's my Phish CD's?


Beer and this ride don't mix. That's why I didn't do it.


Yeah... I'll pass on this one to.


I think everyone had a good time. Well... except for Sean and Kelli.


The next day we headed to Frisco since Mike hasn't been there before. We had lunch at the Pyramid Brewery in Berkley before heading into the city.


I've been on a nacho kick this weekend.


Mmm... ribs!


Gavin enjoys Pyramid.


Gavin get's ready to head into the city by showing his gang sign. "W" for Weiss.


Just a couple more days until Curveball is released. THANK GOD!!!


So we get to the city. And the first stop is those stupid stinky sea lions.


Karen and Gavin hold their breathe while they look at the stinky sea lions.


Some tall ship.


Nasty nasty bay water. Why do people swin in this crap???


The Rock!


Gavin is bored by it all. He wants to do more hobo searching.


Some famous bridge. I don't know what the big deal is.


San Francisco in the house!!!


Mike getting all sad because he has to go back to Memphis tomorrow.


Karen and Gavin likes the breeze. It keeps the smell of hobo's urine away.


Random seagull.


Table tennis robot... WTF???


This is what I'm not getting for my birthday because my wife doesn't love me. It's only $1200... what's the big deal. It would look awesome in my den.


For dinner we headed to Sudwerks for some real beer. Mike had some samples and a liter of the lager.


I had my favorite pilsner.


The chicken schnitzel tasted awesome... just not today.


Well... we all got back home safely and passed out in our beds.


Since today was Mike's last day in NOR*CAL, I thought it would be a good idea to drink more beer.


We stopped at Sacramento Brewing Co. I had the Miner's Extra Pale Ale. One of my favs.


Like I said... I was on a nacho kick this weekend.


Somewhere in there is a really good burger.


After that, I took Mike to BevMo to pick up some local brews to take home to Memphis.


God damn!!!


So after I dropped Mike off at the airport, I thought I'd have a beer and start on this photo trip report.


Hope you enjoyed it. Just like I'll enjoy this beer.

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^You know what... your right!!!


I forgot to mention thay we went to Red Robin after SFMW. Where we had more beer.


Drop Top Ale from Widmer


Oh... then Don starts something with some shop keeper. Something about filming illegal goods. I don't know the whole story so I'll let Don or someone else elaborate on it. Plenty of pictures were taken. I just didn't get any because I was hiding my face in my food as 15 people sang happy birthday to me.

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Hey, I just thought I would piggy back this post with my pics instead of creating a whole new thread.


Our Friday started out with picking up Ryan at 11am and heading to Anheuser Busch for the Brewery tour. The tour was nice. Thanks Wally for putting that together. I drank a Bud Light with the Spyke of Lime and then I had a B to the E with a Spyke of Lime. Gyendolynne had a B to the E after she had a Bud Light with a Spyke of some fruity thing I can't remember. After the tour we headed to the Blue Grog for lunch/dinner/whatever??? It was raining, actually hailing, at this point. The food was great and the beer was smooth. Thanks Wally for the round of beers. I am glad I was drinking from the Blue Grog glass and not the Marie Calendar's.


We all went to SFMW after that and the rain let up a little bit, but there was this huge puddle. I decided to see how deep it was and before I knew it, I was half way through and up to my ankles. I kept running through the rest of it. Oh well! Once we got inside we saw Batman and Robin. We also saw around 5 differents sets of Bugs, Daffy, Sylvester, etc. I was happy to see the characters, but they were all brought out at the same time. I also saw Wonder Woman and Flash later on in the night, but no pic. We went to Red Robin for dinner/whatever to celebrate Wally's Birthday! I don't know what the problem is with filming a cart in the mall, but boy did that create a commotion.


Gyendolynne and I headed to PGA on Sunday. Thanks for the tickets Ryan. PGA was really great on Sunday. It did have a crowd, but it didn't feel overcrowded. I got some video of Survivor the Ride and posted it here;



They were testing it today. Other than that, I don't know what else to say except I am glad that we didn't create an international incident on Friday.


naaah, forget about that, it's Wally's birthday, complete with a birthday sundae!


but first, how about the international incident...


I am hungry, time for dinner or whatever?


after this photo my camera was confiscated. I was told once they see a camera they have to take it. I couldn't put it back in my pocket for the ride. Oh well, rules are rules.


Need a coaster shot. Wally is in the near seat on Medusa, Michael is in the next seat.


and the second or third or fourth group of characters. I can't remember.


Second Sylvester..




Third Bugs, had a little trouble walking and Monica decided to immitate him for a little bit...


Second Bug Bunny..


First set of characters to come out...


but first, a pic with some characters, Batman and Robin...


Now it's time for some coasters!!


Nice dessert, did any get in your mouth?


Everyone got to keep their glass, that's what's in the bags, no leftovers!


Thanks Wally for the round of beers!


and now the cast of characters, Guy you should have been in this photo


Our table with the waitress


Hailing before I get into Blue Grog


Trying on a little something after the tour. I don't think it is my color


Naturally everyone has a picture of Don and Monica trying the beer, but I am the only one with the picture of the guys taking the picture. :)


Something just doesn't smell right, huh Monica?


Yes you can go try the skunky beer


I was sitting at the "little" kids table with these two


I have no idea what this conversation was all about.




Me, Gyendolynne and Ryan


Anheuser Busch Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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That's the end of our trip, wait weren't we in Northern California?


It rotates and moves....


here it is again...


Yep, that disc thing moved. It must be testing...


I think they are testing.....


Hey! It's that new ride, Survivor...


I think Gyendolynne is going to get many pics with characters this year.


I drove here in the mystery machine.

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I'm working through my mamoth TR and just got Thursday's put up here:

http://www.brainville.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=248, but thought I would post a couple of pics over here.


Started off taking care of a lil' business at school.

I stole these from the FCBE website, but this guy does teach my Database class which I had to sit through before heading to the airport.


I was pretty haggard after only getting 3 hours of sleep the night before due to excitement and insomnia. I pregamed hard before the flight and woke up somewhere over New Mexico.

This is my unintentional "Lou Pose"


Zomg mountains!


...Crap. Looking at a menu before you're even at the resturant is definitly an ACEr move.

Also, note the spacious seating offered by America West.


If you didn't know, this is the only face Wally can make. He didn't listen when his ma' said that it would get stuck that way.


Mmm starting off with a LAGger #2.


There's a few more at the forums, so please check 'em out. I'll have the other 3 days up soon!

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I am so sad I had to miss this trip at the last minute. It was a pretty miserable weekend down here as is. Wife left town, car took a shit!


Oh well, it's Monday and life is back to normal. Thank God!


It looks like you all had a great time. I love all the pictures. You have to do this event again next year. I will sign up right now!


I will be up north later this year. We will have to hook up!

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Hey Phishy Brewer, I know that you are a true beer connoisseur.


I see that in this post you visited a Budweiser plant, but have you ever had the chance to take the tour at the Miller brewing plant in Los Angeles? (I believe it's located in the city of Irwindale)


I had a friend who did the tour years ago, and had a great time. Plus, at the end of the tour, he said he sampled a excellent cup of freshly made beer.


He was amazed just how good the beer was! Straight from the processing plant! He highly recommended the tour to anyone!

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Most of my pics were compiled in with Wally's so there may be some repeats. I'll try to keep it short and new. The full TR is evolving over here: http://www.brainville.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2356#2356


So tru. I met alot of good folk this weekend too.


Diedre had enough sway to get the kitchen to open for her. Our status hasn't gotten that high, yet.


Time to put in some overtime at the ole brewery.


While mulling over a Choco Spike and Amberbock, Don explained his feelings on international trade regulations with Nigeria.


Even my camera was feeling Spiked TM


I'm an ass. End of story.


Don started to make me nervous so I established my 10ft personal bubble. ...It didn't work.


New for '06 Mud Puddle: The Ride


SFMW's new structure of modern art. (aka You won't be riding this #1)


Obligatory take a picture of the picture takers


Not riding this #2, but help yourself to a rainbow.


Although a parking lot coaster, this made me a happy panda.


Mother of god. Shapiro what have you done?


I like boomerangs. I'm one of those weird 2%


Yeah, so thats what I consider short. Sorry.

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