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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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1. Space Mountain (Original)


Knott's Berry Farm

1. Wacky Soap Box Racers

2. Windjammer Surf Racers


Legoland California

1. Spellbreaker


California's Great America

1. Stealth


Six Flags Magic Mountain

1. Psyclone


Castle Amusement Park

1. Tornado



1. High Roller at Stratosphere Tower

2. Lightning Bolt at MGM Grand Adventures

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My list is pretty long:



King's Solomon's Mines-Pleasureland Southport

Cyclone-Pleasureland Southport

Ultra Twister-SFAstro

Texas Cyclone-SFAsrto




Wild Maus-BGE


Big Dipper-GL

Double Loop-GL

Raging Wolf Bobs-GL


Batman&robin:The Chiller-SFGAdv


Dive to Atlantis-Mt Olympus



Flying Dutchman-Dorney



Jack Rabbit-Clementon

Joker's Revenge-SFFiesta


King Kobra-KI

Black Hole-Alton Towers

Jet Star-Morey's Pier

RC-48-Morey's Pier

Zyklon-Morey's Pier

Mad Mouse-Lakemount

Wildcat-Williams grove


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Part One- Defunct Coasters


Kiddie Coaster and Wild Mouse @ Lakewood Park

Hercules @ Dorney

Whirlwind and Jet Star @ Knoebels

Cyclone @ Williams Grove (not counting Wildcat since it was relocated)


Part Two- Former Rides that few remember


Cedar Point- Millrace, San Francisco Earthquake, Pirate Ride, Double Ferris Wheel, Zugspitz.


Dorney- Journey to the Center of the Earth, Whacky Shack, Paratrooper. Instead of turning where you do now to go into the parking lot, the road used to go straight into where the catering pavilions are now. Also, who else remembers Alfundo?


Hershey- Lost River and The Bug (where the Swings and Paddleboat Cafe are today). Rotor. Also a street used to run between the stadium and the old arena. You can see where this street intersected with Route 743 from the Trailblazer lift hill.


Knoebels- the "Human Gym" although I can't remember its exact location. The rocket slide used to be where the Galleon is now. The "midway" where Power Surge and Downdraft stand used to be part of the main road into the park. At one time, the pool and train were the only attractions on that side of the road.

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Here's what I can think of off the top of my head:


Sauzer's Kiddieland, Schererville, IN:

Roller Coaster

Wild Mouse



King's Island:

Screamin' Demon (later just Demon)

King Cobra

Son Of Beast (with loop)


Six Flags Great America:

Turn Of The Century (though half the ride still exists as Demon)

Z-Force (relocated twice to SFOG/SFMM then dismantled-I did get to ride it at SFMM a couple times after it left my 'home' park.

Rolling Thunder (which has been relocated)

Tidal Wave (relocated twice)


Deja Vu


Cedar Point:

Wildcat (the original one out by Space Spiral- although the one that exists today at the park is an exact duplicate)


Six Flags Magic Mountain:

Flashback (see Z-Force above^)



Six Flags St. Louis:


River King Mine Train (relocated side of ride)


Six Flags Over Georgia:

Viper (formerly Tidal Wave at SFGAM-then relocated to SFKK)


If I can think of more I will post them

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Let's see what I can remember.....


Geauga Lake - Corkscrew, Double Loop, Villain, and likely Raging Wolf Bobs & Big Dipper (sniff!)


Stratosphere Tower - High Roller


Kennywood - Laser Loop and Steel Phantom


And by next year, I will be adding one of Anton's gems to the list - Dorney Park's Laser.

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King's Island: Screamin' Demon, King Cobra, Bavarian Beetle, The Bat.


Americana: Screechin' Eagle, Serpent


Stratosphere: High Roller


Busch Gardens Tampa: Python


Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Drachen Fire


SFOG/SFMM: Z-Force/Flashback


Probably some others.

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Some coasters I've ridden at defunct parks:


Willow Grove Park, Willow Grove, PA:

The Alps




Palisades Park, Ft. Lee, NJ


Another wooden coaster

Small steel coaster "Zyklon" type


Old Elitch's Gardens, Denver, CO

Mister Twister


Shuttle Loop


Riverview Park, Chicago, IL

The Bobs

Flying Turns

2 or 3 others


1964-65 New York World's Fair

Wild Mouse


Wildwood, NJ (not Morey's Piers)

Hunt's Pier Flyer

Hunt's Pier Golden Nugget Mine Train

Conklin's (?) Party Pier (post Hunt's) Kamikaze early 1990s

Sportland Pier "Monorail" Coaster late 1960s

Old large Wooden coaster across from Mariner's Landing (Cyclone ?)

Several Zyklons/Wild Mouses on the various piers

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Um..my memory is awful, so if some of these are relocated (or are still in use), my bad.


Mountain Express- Magic Mountain

Monster Mouse- Six Gun Territory

Schussboomer- Worlds of Fun

Jet Scream- SF Mid America

Corkscrew- Knott's

Frustatin' Flyer- Dogpatch

Greased Lightnin'- Marriott's Great America

Greezed Lightnin'- Astroworld

Serpent- Astroworld

Texas Cyclone- Astroworld

XLR-8- Astroworld

Zingo- Bell's

Mr. Twister- Elitch's Gardens [original site]

Roller Coaster- Joyland [sBNO]

Comet- Fair Park, Dallas [as far as I know, the original..rode it in '79]

Willard's Whizzer- Marriott's Great America

Turn of the Century- Marriott's Great America

Tidal Wave- Marriott's Great America

[does the original Space Mountain count?]

Extremeroller- Worlds of Fun

Orient Express- Worlds of Fun

Zambezi Zinger- Worlds of Fun

Runaway Mine Train- SFOT

Patriot- Castles'n'Coasters

Chaos- Opryland

Wabash Cannonball- Opryland

Rock'n'Roller Coaster- Opryland [ingrates wouldnt let me ride the kiddie one]

Clown Coaster- Clown Town

Big Bend- SFOT

and a couple of rooftop kiddie coasters in Osaka when I was tiny. My father also says that I rode one of the kiddie ones at Playland at the Beach, in SF, but who really knows...

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