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Phazan's Knex Coaster Ongoing TR!


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Okay, so im building this coaster on my free time, that is totally custom. I haven't figured out how the chain will work yet, but here are some pictures of what I am on. The captions will tell more information on the coaster.


And here is the inversion. It will look a lot better later. Check back for more updates possibly tomorrow!


An overview.


The Entrance of the inversion right after the drop.


The steep drop with good airtime! The drop was hard, because I had to try to find a way to keep the ''flow'' of it.


Here is the lift/Station

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In this update, I have started the second inversion (barrel roll), and it is taking a long time to find a good way of building the supports. I have the first inversion done (and tested) and I am replacing certain parts of the supports so it will look better and be stronger.




and VERY LAST shot of the first inversion. thanks for reading! check back later for more updates.


cool shot


as you can see, this is a very long barrel roll. i didnt make it small and tight because it would need a lot more speed to make it through.


the start of the barrel roll


one more view


another view


an overview

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Wow! It's really hard to make inversions! I should post a pic of my barrel roll! My coaster is launched though. It's pretty cool! I use this pulley system with rubber bands attached to it. Then I run a string or wire through the pulley down the launch track and just tie it to a k-nex piece and that hooks onto the back of the train. I installed a quick release mechanism too and the train rockets up about 6 feet in like 1/2 a second! It's pretty awesome. I installed a brake system too!


Gee, I really know how to go on and on!


Here's my barrel roll. It might help a little:


Hi-res so you can see them better!

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I now have put the rail on all of the track so far so I can see if the train will make it all the way through. At first it didnt, but I made big changes to the support structure and that helped a lot. So today I have the drop done, first inversion, and the second inversion. I still havent found a way for the chain to work.


So anyway, here are the pictures.


The ''railed'' barrel roll.

Check back for more updates to see what the coaster does next!


An overview


The new re-designed barrel roll!

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