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Photo TR: Robb, Elissa, and TPR in Florida!!!

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Looks freaking nice.

I'm lookin g forward to met up with tom again when he will be traveling europe.

Anyway i'm comming over in just 12 days so lets hope i'll have the same fun.

Thanks for the pictures they look awesome. (n.g.t. phone home lol )

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Oh my god you guys really did go to the Citrus Tower! I would't feel bad about missing the garage sale though, nothing could have topped Uncle Bernie's on Wednesday!


I wonder if I should have taken that guy up on his '100 DVD's for $125' deal, or that lady selling cell phones out of a dumpster...


I hope you guys have fun today...I know you said you were going to Wild Adventures, but I'm sure you'll spend all day at Cafe' Risque' instead!


I managed to make it home OK despite our 3 freaking hour flight delay.


-Don "Hates San Francisco weather!" Garrison

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Great trip as always,Robb. How I wish I was down in Florida now, especially the belated New Jersey spring,grr.

/\ Anyway, San Francisco is the most delayed airport in the country,so don't feel bad. I am surprised that there is no non-stop flight from San Jose/Oakland to Florida. I hear they are cheaper and more on time.

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/\ Well I did find a very cheap flights from Orlando to Sacremento though that might be a stretch. It's not non-stop because you have to stop in SLC but it's cheaper and I never heard anything about Sacremento. ($212 from Sacremento-Orlando vs 332 from SFO to MCO,without the delays )

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Here are some pictures from our recent credit-whoring trip to Wild Adventures, including myself, Erik and his wife, Non German Tom, and a few of Tom's friends


Missed the train while taking this picture. Erik videotapes and Tom takes pictures of this amazing contraption.


The station. Queues were minimal for nearly everything


It's good to see that Wild Adventures uses geniune parts on its rides


Another quality credit. We rode it twice - two times too many


Fairly decent ride, not much headbanging



The Outback themed section. Can anyone guess the name of the coaster in the background?


Erik on #50


Erik hits a major milestone!


The ride even bears the mark of quality


First credit of the day! Ant Farm Express


First thing we saw upon approaching the parking lot...A Vekoma ride! Unfortunately Cheetah was closed and the SLC was not.


Tom driving on the right side of the road

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Loved the lemonstand set up in front of the Outback entrance there.


A co-inky-dink of the head-banging fun ahead? Guess not from your TR, lol.


Looked like a good day there at Wild Adventures.


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More pictures


Here, kitty kitty kitty!


The Tiger show


According to Erik and Tom, this version was better than the Cypress Gardens version


Even Swamp Thing bears the mark of quality. Note the signature gap between the up-stop wheel and the track.


Tom in line for Swamp Thing


Theming outside of Swamp Thing


Go Gators! Needless to say, there were people wearing Gator shirts everywhere, and not a Georgia fan in sight


Double shot, a generic S&S tower. The tower itself is small, but there's a fair amount of air-time


Erik gives Fiesta two thumbs up


Tom enjoying Fiesta


Fiesta Express. Good ride - it's a credit, more forceful than Silver Bullet, and it doesn't have OTSR's

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Its always cool to go with other people who are willing to spend the time taking photos and posting them as well. Thanks Will! We did have a fun time at Wild Adventures. The weather was perfect today and operations were quite good overall (They had both trains on the SLC going). Anyways here are the pictures:


Even though it is not required to ride, some people still have the habit of stealing kids for credits.


Anyone have any idea why the SLC has this unused footer?


Tom loves Funnel Cake.


They have a free Screaming Swing at W.A.


Dang it, I forgot to ride this ride, oh well.


They were running only 3 trains today.


Later in the day the park started to get more crowded. But we had the mouse credit to still get.


This stage area had the worst bleechers ever built, they forgot to add stairs on either side of the seats.


Tom was able to meet up with some really good friends from Coasterforce. Hi there Cedarpoint6!


Leanne was really happy to see the tigers.


I think the reason for no video taping, is that accidents can occur during this show.


This guy was totally crazy, great show though!


Time for the Tiger show.


For some reason they chose a tiger over these animals.


The park's mascot.


Just Like WDW, this park is built right next to a swamp.


There just was not enough time to see this show, sorry Leanne.


This Junior SLC was not too bad, certainly better than Cypress Garden's and Carowinds versions.


Though, it did not seem to phase Tom very much.


Well, I certainly have hit a new low on roller coaster credits.


But we did get the Boomerang. 7 out of 9 credits today is not bad at all.


So was the Gold Rush Kiddie coaster.


Cheetah was closed today.


Yeah folks, I finally made it to #50.


Our first credit of the day, Ant Farm Express.


No Tom, you are not the park's mascot.


By the way, this is the park we went to today.


As sad as it is, I finally made it to my home park.


No Tom, the will not let you get past airport security with those things.


Tom just earned a brand new state credit, Georgia.

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And some more


Wild Adventures was a decent park with plenty of rides. Unfortunately Cheetah and Gold Rush were closed, but we were able to get our SLC and Boomerang credits (a first for both Erik and myself). The park looks like it was designed in RCT. Aside from the lemonade stand mentioned above, the entrances and exits for all the rides are in random places, and the queue lines all look like something from RCT. While there are both Gators and Donkeys, it is probably not worth a season pass.


I've still got a headache from riding the SLC twice. There's not too much headbanging though, and the most painful part is the restraint hiting your shoulders, especially for taller people.

The Boomerang was probably one of the better rides of the day, although the Screamin' Swing was probably one of the highlights.


Erik and Leanne ride the Insect-a-slide


Erik and Leanne enjoyed Bug Out


Bug out - A generic mouse with slamming and hard braking


Tiger Terror was intense for a kiddie coaster. Lots of slamming and shaking.


Tom tries funnel cake for the first time


The Swamp Thing. Not like what Montu used to be though


Photographing Vekoma rides was a big part of this trip


Tom was more interested in the SLC


Hiding behind the SLC were donkeys! This one was eating.



Tom with the footer


There was an spare footer around the back of "Bang Man".

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Just a few more pictures to go.


With Peeps in his hand, Tom decided to head back on up to Georgia to visit SFoG. Thanks Tom it was fun!


Can you guess where Will is from?


Tom is starting to miss his home.


Do not stare too long.


Unlike Busch Gardens, Wild Adventures still has allligators under its coasters.


Time for another ride on Swamp Thing, the Jr. SLC.

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Allright guys! Way to finally go to that park up the street from you!


So Tom decided to go to SFOG after all?! Awesome, it's totally worth the drive, even more so than Uncle Bernie's!


Too bad Gold Rush was closed, that was my favorite of the 4 kiddie coasters at that park!




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Thanks for sharing the pics of Wild Adventures, folks. I'm toying with the idea of driving down to Orlando from Williamsburg with some friends and maybe stopping at Carowinds and wild Adventures on the way, then checking out Busch Gardens Tampafrica and horror night at Universal (especially if TPR has another meet this year).


Still up in the air, but we shall see.

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Looks like Tom is getting a lot accomplished on this trip. I'm just glad the bloody lad finally rode the front seat of Blizzrock! Looking forward to hearing about SFoG.


Actually he rode the front row of Pyyrock, he still prefers Blizzrock's 2nd row though.

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