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Photo TR: Robb, Elissa, and TPR in Florida!!!

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Look who I found riding my coaster today!


Are you guys going again tomorrow? I'll be there.... All day.


hehe no love for half of me


Well I am back home, I'm sure Dave is back home, Tom is still in Florida and Robb and Elissa are probably somewhere over the Rocky Mtns at this point so... don't wait up for us!


FUN trip. Pics are uploading, but with almost a gig it will take a while.

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Why doesn't everyone seem to hate Gwazi. I personally enjoyed it. I forget which side was better, but I thought they were still great rides. Especially at dark, they were excellent. Meh, maybe I'm just crazy.


Great Photos guys! Keep em coming!...if there are anymore!

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Wow BGT is alot of fun now. I think over the last few years they've improved it with all the recent changes (the new gate, painting of alot of buildings, some of the staff seems better, parks cleaner and better landscaping, new thrill ride, etc.. etc..) If I may ask though whats BGA stand for?? Busch Gardens Adventure..? Hmm..


Looks like alot of fun, great update!



The A stands for Africa. BGW is now called Busch Gardens Europe.

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Ah, I will try to HUNT YOU DOWN next time


We rode 3 times, that was our second ride I believe because the first was in the front and the last one I sat near Tom (who wasn't in that pic because he was LATE )


Anyways here are my photographs from day 1, which was actually Friday for me.



No Florida trip is complete without stopping at Whataburger, even if it's so late at night the sun begins to rise.



100K and going strong. (as strong as it gets )



Flag ceremony, WOO go America!



I am Kraken, one of the best loopers in the world!


Why not try to check out a show? Oh, it looks as if a few other people got the idea today too:



Decent show, not what it's cracked up to be. The dolphins part was typical dolphin show stuff, the acrobatics was pretty cool though. I've seen better.. and far worse.


Oh, and Friday was jailbait day, I don't know if they had a cheerleading competition or what but there were TONS of teen girls.


Taking a lead from the success at Magic Mountain, even Sea World is going XTREME!!




I skipped Journey this time, even though it looks as cool as it is in my mind, opting to jet over to Cypress to meet up with Non-German Tom.



Who's that I spot from a distance?


So we rode Hurricane a few times, decent ride, no real air, nothing *bad* though. Nice family wood, the more adult ride will arrive lsometime next year hopefully.



After that we ho'd it up on Rampage:



Darn, that's not the good Rampage, that's the lame Vekoma one. Poor Tom, this was just #1 out of something like 5 roller skaters he will ride in his vacation.


We managed to break the spinning rapids ride (bummer, I haven't ever successfully ridden one). I had the pride to skip Fiesta Express but couldn't resist a Zamperla spinner. Mmmmm...



We moved onto the Jr SLC which pretty much sucked. Of course, we rode in the back to get the full effect.



Finally we rode the drop tower, which I don't care for drop towers much but the lack of a warning on this one was pretty neat.



After noticing the Disk'o was closed (::() the only other flat I wanted to ride was the bootleg flying skooters. They were suprisingly so bad they were pretty decent for flyers.



We then left the park after less than 2 hours for me.We were lucky to see the remnants of the person who ignited a small explosive in the bathroom and we were able to partake in the "hammer test". We hit Wal Mart on the way back to Orlando. I checked in and headed back to Tom's place where Dave arrived shortly. Dinner at Chick fil A (I think Tom 8 as much chickun as he could, damned American portions) and credit time at Old Town. We picked up the dragon but the Windstorm was having trouble engaging the chain, so I missed out on that (and am sad to see Tom got it and I didn't ) but that did give us a chance to ride a decent (wait, scratch that, uber-lame) Dragon Wagon. Oh well. After watching some sky coaster rides and drag racers, I went back to my hotel to sleep for the first time in Waaayyy too long. I had to get my rest for a long day at the happiest place on Earth, or whatever the latest slogan is.


More to come, thanks for reading, I hope you liked!


- Joe 8)

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All I can say right now is BEST TRIP TO ORLANDO EVER!


Seriously, this trip was insane fun. The weather was great, the crowds were not too bad, the japanese and indian food was godly, and the people were beyond fun. I'll post pictures and random commentary later, as I'm beyond wasted after getting home about four hours after I was supposed to get here. And I actually put myself on an earlier flight! Air travel rules...



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I have to say that even though we didn't have as much "group time" with ya'll as we would have liked, it was an absolute joy meeting all who were there. Would have liked to have visited with you more, but I had to get my Michigander butt back home. Til next time..




Typical, cheezy Universal Studios paparazzi pic.

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Damn! I missed you guys again! Next time you do an Orlando thing, let me know! I was at BGT on Thursday and Saturday and Monday (working) but apparently those were the days you WEREN'T there!




Glad you had fun!

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Joe, Too proud for the kiddie coaster...sure...whatever!!!


Yea, I guess when people read that I RODE the Dragon Wagon but DIDN'T ride the Windstorm, that kills any chance I have of saying I'm not a credit whore - of course, I ho'd myself out knowing I'd be in the presence of some of the greatest ho's of all


Day 2: Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Magic Kingdom


Got to the AK early and met up with the crew - upon opening we watched creatures do a little show sort of deal and then promptly rushed to Everest.



I'm not fake.



Does anyone know this guy?



I really did think we were in Nepal, great queue and themeing.



Poor Tom, he REALLY wanted both credits. I mean he wouldn't stop talking about it, I hope he gets it! Stoopid Disney only running one side!



Tom got a little excited, must have been thinking about the loo.



OMG we've run out of track



Cool ride, not the greatest. I posted my review of it here


OK over to MGM, home of the big hat




No one but me has ever seen that and said "wow, that would be a cool photo!"



Traveliing upside down in a car, yup, that's about how the ride feels.. and looks... and is


Oh, and yea, I may be southern educated but I beat ALL OF YOU at Millionaire. Ha, #4 bitches!


Sorry, not photos from the amazing Great Movie Ride. Or Star Tours. Lunch as the ABC place was fairly good, but eventually we were off to the MK.



See, I didn't lie.



That castle sucks compared to Disneyland's.



The immaturity in my laughs at things like that.



"but it's a credit!"

(when Coaster Con rolls around in June, Disney ops will finally know what we were talking about)



Haha, they are all wet, I came off dry as did Derek I believe.


What a fun day - awesome Big Tunder and Splash Mountain rides, fun on the people mover (oh, wait, I was all alone ) and I was bummed to miss Space Mountain. Oh well off to another park complex tomorrow.



- Joe 8)


edit: I drive a Saturn and would appreciate if you didn't hotlink my photos since they are hosted on my personal site when the question alone is sufficient, thanks

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Great photos, but I am surprised that R&E did not visit the Holy Land Experience. That place is on its last legs, so why not make a video of a park that might be closing? They can walk around and make fun of things!

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Wish Neesh and I could have been there.. I promise we would have been more fun this time around !! We were in texas hitting the six flags parks and visiting family while you were here though.


Dude, you guys were a lot of fun last time as well.

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Thanks man Maybe Ill run into you at IOA one of these days.


Hopefully, we will be able to go to MNSSHP with everyone this year, looks like thats where the party's at.


Oh yea, glad to see Elissa got to do Fear Factor this time around \m/.

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IOA and Universal pics!


Elissa attributes the devastating loss to shrinkage.


And there they go. The other team caught three octopi, where Elissa's partner only caught two :-(


And here she is, rancid octopus in hand, while the stagehand behind her says "I give Elissa's butt in a harness a thumbs up!"


For the next stunt, she had to toss "rancid octopus" to her partner, and he would catch it in a bucket. Here she is selecting three octopi.


In the next stunt, her partner had to fish bean bags out of an eel tank, and she had to catch them in this bucket while dangling in the air.


After easily winning the first stunt, Elissa contributes her win to the fact that she has a large penis.


Next, we all went to watch Elissa compete in the Fear Factor show! Flattering shot, huh?


After lunch, we went to Universal Studios. Tom and Joe wanted to get the Woody credit, so we all waited for them. But check out the dude in front of them...they're not the only credit whores in the train!


Robb also proceeded to collect up all the palm tree swords from the drinks and torture us all with them the rest of the day.


Next, it was off to Margaritaville, where Tom enjoyed Robb's cherry. I also ended up with five huge pickle slices!


While they rode, the rest of us climbed up into Me Ship the Olive for pictures. Erik, how you ever managed to squeeze yourself into that tiny little box, I will never know!


Evasive maneuvers! Right! Left! Neither of them got very wet, surprisingly.


Robb finds a unique way of keeping his shoes dry when he and Tom ride Bilge Rat Barges.


Everyone appeared to really enjoy it!


At IOA, we started with Hulk, then did Dueling Dragons, and eventually everyone ended up on Jurassic Park. I waited through 14 empty boats during a breakdown to get this shot!

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Star Flyer and Old Town pics!


Alas, it was time for me to leave. But not before getting the "OMG I met the Alveys! They are SOOO awesome! Look, I'm touching them, so I am cool by association!!!" picture. I'm already looking forward to the next TPR meet I can attend!


We also find two things that remind us all of Barry!


Tom tries to turn Elissa into Baby Spice.


I think the Americans who were with him were much more entertained by this than Tom was!


Next, Elissa and Tom rode the G-Force drag racers. These things go insanely fast...109 mph was the speed on one of their runs, I believe.


And what would a sky coaster ride be without a little random violence and chin bludgeoning?


After a brief stop in the arcade to win some vampire teeth, we headed over to Old Town. Here is Tom getting suited up for his first sky coaster ride!


Here is a close up of the chains that hold you. Seriously, it's like chain you'd chain up your chihuahua with, not chain you should trust your life to 200 feet in the air!


When we were done at Universal, we went to ride the Star Flyer at Magical Midway. Only four or five of us rode, but the ride was really fun! These are the seats...not the most sturdy looking seats ever!

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