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Photo TR: Robb, Elissa, and TPR in Florida!!!

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Hey everyone,


Just checked into our hotel after a very long day!


Red eye flight from LAX into MCO and the straight to Animal Kingdom!


The group we had today was AWESOME!!! Elissa and I, DisneyFan1313, Derek, Non-German Tom, Park Trips, USRoadTripper, Erik, Will, Dave Thomas (not the one that's dead), Frade, Elissa's mom & dad, etc....


We got 4 rides on EE and I think it's a really solid ride. I'll be honest, we probably won't be rushing back to ride it again this trip, but I enjoyed every ride we had on it today. I think it's a solid B+ attraction.


We made our way around the rest of the park, rode Dinosaur (NOT OUR DINO!!!), Primeval Whirl, Tough To Be A Bug, etc..


We hopped over to Disney/MGM and had lunch at Mama Melrose's, rode Good Tower twice, Rock N Roller Coaster once and played millionaire.


I felt it would be a good idea to come back to the hotel and finally shower!


We're on our way to Ohana's then to Magic Kingdom!


Photos and more TR's later.



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When our 'group' (aka family) was in Florida two years ago, we were usually all asleep before 8:30 because our days were so busy!


To me, Islands of Adventure, Old Town, and MGM is about as crazy as I want to get.


How do you stay on your feet for so long?!

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OMG. Most. Insane. Night. Ever. The stories will live on in infamy forever of the 3/18/2006 TPR meet....


It's impossible to actually describe all the INSANITY that happened today. Honestly, this could have been one of the craziest nights I've had at a park.....EVER!


And it can all be summed up with ONE photo....


Best onride photo since our ToT wedding photo!

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^ Love the new 'seating arrangements' for Splash....



Is that Elissa there beside Julie? Just checking, here....


~ ~ ~ ~


(EDIT: Just noticed the log number - that's pretty close enough to me I guess, mmm'k? Wow. Now if it had been 53...... wooo boi dere...)

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A few more photos. I'm on a crappy dial up so I won't be able to post many photos from this trip, but I'll make sure there are a few.....


We might have managed to get 12 people in one Splash Mountain boat, but we sure paid the price! =)


It also means "Robb dances the Hula." It was just an excuse to get a "lay" so he could make cheap jokes the rest of the night.


O'Hana's might mean "Family" but to us it means lots of meat served on skewers!


We all really liked Expedition Everest.

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When our 'group' (aka family) was in Florida two years ago, we were usually all asleep before 8:30 because our days were so busy!


To me, Islands of Adventure, Old Town, and MGM is about as crazy as I want to get.


How do you stay on your feet for so long?!


We went thru that kind of thing too, visiting DisneyParis every day we wanted to, but coming back and hitting the beds by at least 9pm.


Maybe watching some CNN but not going out after the day's walking and adventureing, heh heh.


You just have to plan it, that you are going to spend a good number of hours on your feet, and moving around for long days. Get yourself good walking shoes or runners that are for walking around in. Have a plastic water bottle with you, if you think you need it. Or find all those water fountains and use them, regularly!


And DO stop for a breath, now and then. Altho --- with this hardy pardy little group that gets together in new and unique 'touring combinations'.... You may not get that chance, lolol.


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I'm not sure if you have ever ate at Boma's at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but it is a must. If you ask for the Chef and tell him how great his food is, he will make you this... and a plate full of deep fried oreos...yumm. Not to mention it is an all you can eat buffet.


With all of the other great food, no one left hungry...or with the ability to walk.


The best RIBS and Shrimp ever!!!

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Today was a LONG DAY!!!


Here's a few photos (again, not many due to dial up).....


Tom misses England already!


We're off to Epcot tomorrow for more insanity!


Yay for the Wind Storm credit!!!! Soren gets another USA credit!!!


Then we "park hopped" over to the other "Carny" type place to pop Non German Tom's Skycoaster cherry!


After Universal we went to Magical Midway to ride the *OMFG* Star Flyer. It rocked!


Then over to Universal where Elissa hung from a bar 40 feet in the air for 60 seconds, and then had to throw some "Rancid Octopus" in the Fear Factor show! Yum!


Then it was over to Margaritaville for lunch (BTW, no alcohol was consumed before taking this photo!)


We made the rounds and finally ended up on Spider Man (even Kevin joined us!) =)


Our day started at Islands of Adventure doing some Dueling Dragons "dragon hopping."

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