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Snakes on a Plane


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OFFICIAL Trailer for Snakes on a Plane (from SA)


I so totally want to waste $8 to see that, it would be nominated for best comedy if that were a category at the Oscars.


For those of you who don't know, this movie was announced last August and quickly became known as the worst movie of 2006 before a trailer was released. Samuel L. Jackson only did this movie because "it had a cool name". The plot? Its all in the name... Snakes on a Plane.

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Hmmm...looks interesting! I have also seen a trailer for a movie name "Slither" with looks similar, but not in an airplane and with more creatures. I'd love to see both because I can see myself freakin out in the movie theatres...which is a good thrill for $8, in my opinion.

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Please, please elaborate on how this can be the smartest film???

I seriously got to read about this!!


This movie ranks right up there in lameness next to Anaconda!! Another snake movie that was hideously lame. I dont think snakes should be the main plot in horror movies. It just doesn't work for some reason. They however work great in parts of the movies like Indiana Jones!

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No yeah the content, see you throw in like a class A actor into a HORRIBLE movie! I mean come on! I heard plenty of people saying theyre going to go see it because its sooo stupid! If the movie had gotten a no name actor, yeah, the movie wouldve flopped...but NOW, they Have Sam! I mean who doesnt want to see the Jedi Knight fighting and killing snakes on a plane? Hes got my 10 dollars admission....for stupidity. This COULD possibly be HIS WORST movie ever! And Im seeing it on the big screen!



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I just got home from a 10pm preview showing of the film. Normally I wouldn't see this type of film but I couldn't resist. I have a big fear of snakes so I thought it might be interesting! The film was exactly what we thought it would be: far fetched, ridiculious, but a lot of fun. I think my friends laughed throughout the movie. It was funny and I liked that the movie didn't take itself to seriously. I know the snakes were all mostly computer generated but they still freaked me out! If you see this movie you know what kind of movie it is going to be, so don't be surprised. It's just fun. Leave your brain at the door.

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