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I've been watching Parasyte (the maxim), and I think it's incredible. Every episode is a doozy with great action. Also, being on tpr I feel the need to mention Amagi Brilliant Park. It's very silly but it's a fun show about running a theme park. My only complaint would be there's too much fan service, but if you look past that there's a lot of laughs (especially in the last episode)


It's like AoT on steroids.


i can't even imagine that!

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Not a diehard anime fan, but I've watched Afro samurai, code Geass... Oh, and there's also that one I'm kinda ashamed to say I watched (Elfen Lied ). Currently watching Attack on Titan, and I'd say it's by far my favourite one. It's just so much more intense than the others!

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Wouldn't consider myself an Anime fan but watched a handful and read some Manga's.

In order of me watching them:

Dragon Ball: Like most others here, grew up with it never followed the Anime as you should back then. Half a year back reread the Manga for it all to make sense. Still one of my favorites, but half a year ago reading the Manga grew some complaints to the unexplained power-ups (Also known as: Super Saiyan 2 and beyond).

Pokémon: Stopped this later then expected during the Black and White saga, Although after leaving Hoenn I started missing out on some episodes and didn't care that much anymore. Still before that is par of my yought.

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Again from childhood, watched the whole series up till that other guy after Yugi came in the picture.

Naruto: This is a Anime I still follow, it also started out much later as I could catch up all the way to the Pain arc. So this comes more of my late teen years, at first I only tried to be okay with the Anime but Fillers happened and the Manga came in play. Still think the Anime is better.

Bleach: Completed this Anime that I also started in my late teen years, now still reading the Manga that I just hope would end, I don't enjoy it anymore.

One Piece: This came when I was just 20 years old. Although it feels like it repeats itself every isle that crew grew on me.

Fairy Tail: Around half a year after One Piece Manga started to grew on me. So I started to look for more Manga to read and FT came up started it was hooked instantly after that watched the Anime and kind off said to learn it stopped. So happy to have it back still watching it every week.

Rave Master: After learning that the FT author rode Rave Master. Didn't like it as much as FT but still descend. Too bad the Manga end was never Animated.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood: Okay watched one episode so far but the rest will come, read the Manga complete and loved it, beautiful story.

Highschool of the Dead: Watched a few episodes, not loving it though. Don't know if I will continue the story.

Shingeki no Kyojin: Or better known as Attack on Titan. Didn't want to watch or read the Manga because people made a big deal out of it, it wasn't until I thought: Okay I give it a try, to see what the reason behind the hype was. Love it and still follow the Manga.

Code Geass: Haven't watch this till maybe a half year ago. Loved the Anime and thought it had a good ending.


Here are some Manga's I read and if I will watch the Anime or not:

Death Note: Well never going to watch that Anime. Love how the story starts but after a well known point it becomes just really bad and the ending killed the whole story.

Ao no Exorcist: Maybe I will watch the Anime, it's descend enough so.

Asu no Yoichi: A harem Manga that was funny, and I don't want to ruin it by watching Anime.

Cowboy Bebop: Never give it to much thought. so maybe some day, like Ao no Exorcist it's descend enough.


Here's a small list of Manga/Anime I plan on starting someday:

Sekirei: According to my brother it's worth it, but that was what he said about H.O.T.D. so we'll see about that.

Elfen lied: Who knows, just a crazy idea.

Eureka Seven: This and NGE where given as tips to read to me, watched an Anime trailer of both and NGE got dropped but Eureka Seven seems something.


Well very detailed (much more then the rest here actually) that's it. I do want to say I'm always open for tips so based on my list and likes if somebody has one feel free to share.

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bump^ I wont list all the animes i watched but will post the ones i really enjoyed a lot.(in no particular order)

-Death Note



-Steins Gate

-Code Geass


-Elfin Lied

-Fruits Basket

-ouran high school host club

-Soul Eater

Those are just a list of some of the animes i watched.

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