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Avatar/Photochop Contest! VOTING TIME!

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OMG!!! This thread is pure genious!! It's just what I needed right now since life decided to kick me in the "whoa!" My favorites are Atheist Encounter, Holy Roller: Stand Up And Praise (brilliant!), and Adventures in Blasphemy. And to all the nay-sayers, I like to believe that our Lord has a sense of humor about these things.

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Wow! Other sites have been linking to this thread because they seem to like it so much. I'm thinking about keeping it open a few more days. Anyone mind?


If you still have some ideas, please post them!


I might also raise the stakes and say the winner will get a free TPR DVD and some TPR "goodies!"



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Man, this would certainly merit somebody taking alllllll of these attractions and rides together and trying to map them out on a 'site' RCTC-style, lol!


I mean, somebody has to be the (ahem) Master Planner of It All, hmmm?


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Ok fine, you let this contest linger until I actually had the time to sit down and make an entry! Here's mine...I wonder how many non-religious people will find it funny, or even understand it!




The "Don't Look Back, Lot!" Express...now with 75% more sodium!

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Ok everyone, since there were so many submissions for this avatar contest, we'll do it "top three" style.


So have a look at all the pics on page 1 and respond with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place choice.


We'll tally them all up at the end of next week and announce a winner!


Thanks to everyone who contributed a photo! Hope you had fun!



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Amazingly tough choices to make, guys. A lot of them are wuuunderful, lolol. But...


1. Athiest Encounter / niiicolaaah


2. Wally's Blashphemy Blasters / gunslinger


3. Moses Vision 3D / arrowfanman


May the bestest of all of you, keep on photoshoppin and a'choppin'.....

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So many great contributions to choose from...


1. Athiest Encounter, niiicolaaah

2. Wally's Blashphemy Blasters, gunslinger

3. Blasphemia The Ride, Redunzelizer



Btw, I think you forgot to add my "Bench; The Ride" to the list on page 1

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