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Avatar/Photochop Contest! VOTING TIME!

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Edit: I think this is better than the original. Not so much. The first one is just short, sweet and to the point.


The Holy Land has spent time watching TV to see what is "hip" and they didn't like what they saw. So I present to you:


Will & The Grace Of God!



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I had to join just for this. Great site here; have enjoyed it far better than most.


Here’s the “Evangelical Decade” for the park’s turnaround:


2007: Steel Hypocrite: A Hypo Coaster – like a hyper coaster, only you deny you had fun upon exit.


2008: DeNial Waterpark


2009: New Show – Cirque de Sa’vior presents “J”


2010: Baptism Canyon – White Water Rapids Ride. Sponsored by the AFA. “You Will Get Wet On This Ride.”


2012: Carpenter: The Ride – We couldn’t afford the carpenter.


2013: General improvements (i.e. paint, etc.).


2014: New Restaurant – N2Wine. Where water is passed off as wine … Mmmm, a 1862 Aquafina Merlot. You have to believe it’s wine, because they tell you it is.


2015: The Festival of Prayers featuring Rev. Robert Sponge and the Teletubbies.


2016: Expedition Evangelical: The Largest Church in the World! You can live here… literally. Condo fees start at: $500,000 plus tax AND...


Mission: Grace


2017: New Show – Cirque de Sa’vior presents “Apocalyptica”

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Direct from Screamscape.com ~~~


- (3/20/06) Anyone who doesn’t care for religious humor may want to pass on this one. Theme Park Review has posted for-fun forum contest asking you to fire up your copy of Photoshop and design the next Killer App attraction to save The Holy Land park. Click here to see some of the hilarious results already submitted. My favorite image so far as to be _________.



(EDIT: You think I'd say whose he liked, so far? Phhhhhhht. Shure I would. )

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OMG! Since I haven't had a chance to look at these while we're in Florida coming back to all of these were GREAT!!!


Everyone's got until this Sunday night to come up with their ideas and then we'll do voting!



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I had nothing else to do today.







I figured this park needed a Thrill Shot, which also had an important function.




Ridding the world of heathens.



God bless Wally George!


I realize people who don't know who Wally George is won't get this. But To those people.. FIND JESUS, SINNERS!!


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No, no no....I haven't forgotten just other things have come up.....


Like my job and stuff!


--Robb "Why stop it when more awesome pics keep getting posted?" Alvey


Because you said Sunday was the last day to post pics for the contest!


Everyone's got until this Sunday night to come up with their ideas and then we'll do voting!


........ and that was the 26th

Hehehe, I was just doing what you said and was waiting for the voting to start

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