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How many coaster (or ride) Shirts do you own?

How many coaster shirts do you have?  

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  1. 1. How many coaster shirts do you have?

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    • 6-10
    • 11-20
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    • 31-40
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    • 76-100

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I put 11-20 but I really don't wear coaster shirts any more. I have a few "park shirts" that don't look like your typical loud coaster shirt (see Wes' post).


Most of the coaster shirts I have I use for sleeping shirts and don't see the public that much!


--Robb "Although I would encourage EVERYONE to buy at TPR shirt since they are totally cool!" Alvey

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I have a few..


A "Beast" T-shirt from PKI

"The Italian Job" t-shirt from PKI

"Nemesis Inferno"(my pride and joy) T-shirt from Thorpe Park

and a "Top Thrill Dragster" T-shirt from Cedar Point..



Oh.. Do Thorpe Park Staff t-shirts count?... as i have 2 of those

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I used to have a Montu T-Shirt until I outgrew it, your generic "I survived..." shirt and boasting the stats with a cool pic of the Immelman.


The only other one I own is a SFOG shirt saying "SFOG Coaster Freak" from my 2004 visit. I rarely wear that shirt and coaster shirts are always a bit tacky.

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I own absolutely none.


I don't see the point in buying something I personally would never be seen dead in. I would never wear a coaster t-shirt out in public. Maybe if someone bought me a nice one that doesn't scream geek on the side I would wear it to a park..

Something cute though like Chip'n'Dale for example I would be happy to wear... Probably not in public though.


I tend to spend my money on fashionable stuff. Not something with "I survived ...." on the back.. Plus all the prices are ridiculous.

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I just have a Knotts Berry Farm shirt with Snoopy that says "Joe Coaster". Silver Bullet is reflected in his sunglasses. I 'model' this piece of attire in my Knotts Khristmas video, but now I only use it as a sleeping shirt because it is too wide, (I've gotten skinnier) and grey (blech.).

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I have 10, they are:

-Busch Gardens Williamsburg fear the four shirt

-Volcano the blast coaster shirt

-Deja Vu SFOG shirt

-Mr Six SFGAm shirt

-Skull Island SFGAm shirt

-IJ:ST PKI shirt

-Hades stats shirt

-Shivering Timbers what lurks in the wilderness? shirt

-Cedar Point fearsome five shirt

-Cedar Point to do list shirt

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I have 52. "GEEK ALERT!"


Most see the light of day aside from my way too small Drachen Fire shirt and old Loch Ness shirt. I have 2 TPR shirts a white and a black one. I wanted a hoody so bad! I wear my TPR shirts atleast once a week. Funny enough people who have seen me wear them ask about the site and or say they've seen it! Coaster wise most times I adorn my Hydra tank top with a hawaiian shirt over it.



Sean "Wishes Ioa Loser Nerd would get my Tatsu shirt for me and mail it here so I can wear the darn thing! " Chappell!

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Just 4, three of which I bought because I liked them as shirts...


Ghostrider's "Longest, Tallest Woody"

KK Track-to-Tiger

TTD hot-rod guy


My S:ROS DL shirt I bought just because I had a good time on the ride.


My partner's got a cool Nitro shirt and an old BGW nightshirt.


I wear them both to parks and elsewhere. I've found that wearing the KK shirt in particular to parks is a good conversation-starter.

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I randomly said between 31 and 40, but I honestly don't know. What I do is buy only shirts I really like, or the new ride for the season. Eventually I will retire the shirt before it gets too faded and have them all stored away until I have time to redo the guest room into a coaster theme, putting all the shirts in frames on the walls.


For the 2006 season, I currently have 16 shirts from the past couple of years on rotation. Ones I really like I'll wear more often, and outside of parks. Others I'll only wear on "park days". I can see myself getting about 15 shirts this year, but only if I find ones that aren't too atrocious.

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I have two, both being from Cedar Point.

One is a "Cedar Point, Ride Hard," shirt

and the other is just a shirt that says CP, Sandusky,Ohio/ and it has a bunch of the rides on it, in a 'horizon' fashion.

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Only one, it's an Oblivion t-shirt.

I do also have a Liseberg t- shirt, with a green mascot bunny and the park name pictured on it, but that's not a 'ride shirt', unless...

Of the parks I've been to I haven't really found many cool shirts either.

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