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I picked it up yesterday, although it took about an hour of calling up nearby shops before i found a copy. Really popular games.


So anyway, i've played it for about 30 minutes, mostly in vs mode for the moment. IMO, they game doesn't feel as fun as some of the other versions. Personally, i think some of then new tracks are kind of to try hard.


The controls are very good, with the exception of powersliding, which is now very easy. The wii wheel is a very good addition as well, gives a lot more room to hold the remote when steering.


One thing i've noticed is that the game feels almost entirely luck based now. With 12 competing in each race, i found that most of the time was a barrage of power ups. I was, for example, coming last toward the end of a race, but with a power up, i suddenly was first. Which was quite annoying, because i would much rather work for the win, and win skillfully rather than randomly.


The graphics are... average and there isn't really any memorable music to comment on as yet. I'll have to play it more though.

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I tried Mario Kart Online last night, and i gotta tell you, it's pretty awesome. I love it how at the start you can find out were abouts in the world your opponents come from, i think that's really cool. And the game plays really well online, and it even feels a lot more fun and fast paced online.


The only thing it's missing is voice chat...

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Just got this game today, and this is awesome...probably one of the best Wi-Fi setups to date. Extremely fast connecting, and ready to race within minutes. Anyone willing to race, I'm down with that!


One question. I was racing fine earlier without any disconnects. Now, after the first race (and placing first) I get dropped out. Now, before this happened, I had to go into my wireless router and enable MAC filters to only allow certain wireless devices to connect. (Had to block out some wireless devices for specific reasons restrict internet access to some users...)

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I couldn't believe how bad the lag in Brawl was, but Mario Kart, wow! It's actually a really great online experience. It is a bit odd playing people from Europe and Japan, because they have unlocked alot of the characters.

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Ok, once again I just want to say how awesome Nintendo is.


Story time!


Picked up Mario Kart last night because, well, I wanted it!!! Of course I'm too busy to play right now, but my 71 year old father is out so I let him try it out. Without reading instructions, without having played the game before he starts playing, winning races, then I catch him later playing online!!!


So if he can sit down and get the online stuff to work and love the game, who can't!?!?


And if this game appeals to children, women, teens, adults, seniors...that's just really remarkable!


I can't wait to try and sit down to play it later!!!

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I'm really debating if I want to pick up Mario Kart. The last time I played that game was the SNES (which was the most recent gaming system I owned before Wii) version and I hated it. But I've heard nothing but good about the Wii version.

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^Thanks! I can hit all the notes untill Mosh 1. After that, it's not so good anymore.


Anyway today I got 100% on Cliffs of Dover (also medium). I had to play ALOT to get that but I'm quite proud of my accomplishement


Keep rockin'!

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Got my Wii (and two games) on Friday, and have been loving it. Wii Sports is a lot of fun, and you can really get lost in it if you're willing to go all out while playing - i.e., positioning your body like you're really trying to hit a home-run.


Wii Play is so-so, I really like some of the games, and am bored by others. Good price for a game AND controller, though.


Lastly, Smash Bros: Brawl is a game that I think will grow on me after a while. I'm all about the fighting, I don't care about the platforming elements or trying to collect a billion different things, and I think they went way overboard in those areas, but it's still "Smash Bros." at heart, so that makes it good. I gotta say I'm shocked at how great the game looks, I thought the Wii was only supposed to be slightly more powerful than the Gamecube, and was pleasantly surprised by the graphical improvements in the characters. As others have said, though, online play definitely lags, which is a major bummer. Nothing will ever top the original (IMO), and I think I still like the Gamecube version more, but this was definitely a strong entry in the series, and is something I've been playing a lot.


The only other game I really want is Warioware, another paycheck or two, and I'll pick that up. I'm also interested in Trauma Center, and might pick up Mario Kart also, though I absolutely hated the Gamecube version (the N64 version is still amazing, though).


More than anything, though, I'm having fun just playing with the Wii itself - making Miis, checking out Miis online, watching the "Nintendo Channel", viewing news, etc.


Thumbs up.

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