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The Official Nintendo Wii Discussion Thread

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^ Uh, hello... Zelda, Tony Hawk, Red Steel, Rayman, look all around you! Games like that are everywhere!


You know, I'm looking at the first 50 pages or so, people saying that there will be enough Wiis on Christmas to just walk in and pick one out of a pile. Yeah, right. They're STILL tough to find, after 8 months of being out!

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My take on all things wii:


Games I own


Wii Sports: Great for a play here or there but i've never been big on sports games. I was great that Nintendo included it with the system though.

Wii Play: Bought for a Wiimote when they were hard to come by. It game is no more than a tech demo although Tank Tag is cool. Would be a rip off it was a 50 dollar game instead of a 10 dollar game.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: Best Wiimake todate, probably the best Zelda game ever (but i haven't played all the way thru either N64 zeldas). The game's storyline is very dark but I think that is probably what makes it so good.

Rayman Raving rabbids: Best mini game collection on the Wii. You'll love the rabbits. If you don't have this one your missing out.

Elebits: Best game I have that's been built from the ground up for the Wii. I don't know how it will hold up to the test of time though.

Wario Ware: Great game for when you have friends over

Monkeyball Bannana Bliz: I'm split on this one, I haven't played any of the gamecube games but I enjoyed the game for the most park but the controls were a little annoying. First it would have been nice to have held the wiimote sideways. Second like a lot of SEGA game they just can't seem to figure out the camera. It okay during the main stages but you will have to fight it a little. The Boss stages the camera makes the game on most stages unplayable. The some of the mini games had some value bust most were worthless.

Super Paper Mario: While I enjoyed the game I have my issue. First of all this was a GameCube game play Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door and you'll see everything from the graphics to the menus were the same. Second I don't really like how they took the turn based RPG style out of the series.


Games i'm excited about and plane to buy:


Trauma Center: Second Opinion: Love the DS game but it does suck it the Wii version is the same aside from the controls. but i'll get it anyways.

Sonic and the Secret Rings: i'll always liked sonic games and it's said to be one of the better 3D sonic games.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree: I'll get this for the same reason I got Wario Ware. Great to play with non-gamers.



Nintendo needs them!


Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition- I'm just getting into the series so I haven't gotten to this on GameCube yet and will probably get this tommorrow just to support 3rd party publishers.


Man Hunt 2: wow this game is twisted! It's going to scare the death out of me but it looks awesome. This game will kill the image that Nintendo only puts out kiddie games


well I have class now so I'll have to finish this later and edit it for grammar, sorry

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I just had to send my Wii to Nintendo to fix. I was having these vertical static crackly lines in all of my games and in the background of some Wii channels. The Nintendo tech on the phone hadn't heard of this problem and didn't know what to tell me, so he is having me send it in (for free) for them to look at it. We'll see what happens.

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I actually played Zelda for the first time in a couple weeks today and yesterday. I beat the Goron mines boss, and then I'm stuck. Any help on where to go?

You've probably gotten past this part by now, but if I remember correctly, you must get the bombs from Barnes, because you need them later, and you can get the Hawkeye if you want to. After that, you find another patch of Twilight, and track ilia's scent to Hyrule Castle Town.

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I can't wait until Mario Strikers: Charged comes out... It's gonna be SWEET! Oh, and has anybody played the Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree?
Strikers is only good if you're online, single player gets boring after a while, the teams play the exact same pattern from kick-off, makes it very easy to get 50-0 up after a few mins of play.


Also, RE4 Wii is awesome, much better than the 'cube version in my opinion.

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FINALLY! I got my wii today! Yay! So I stayed up until about 4am playing wii sports and paper mario. I found that paper mario is really easy but some of the ways to get out of tough situations requires a lot more thought than I expected. Oh yeah, and of course wii sports is great. I am very happy with my purchase

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I have Res Evil 4 on PS2.


For all European Wii owners: ***** Please Take Note *****


Club Nintendo fans in Europe have been told this week that they risk losing their entire stock of Nintendo 'Stars' if they don't agree to new privacy terms.


Customers have until July 15 to agree to new terms which give "permission to gather information about your online activities on our web site and with Nintendo’s products," a Nintendo statement said.


The company said the move was necessary "To allow us to implement additional features on our website, to improve our products and to adapt them to our users’ needs and preferences."


However, a stern warning later in the email - sent out on June 29, and again yesterday - revealed that users must comply with the new terms by Sunday or have their entire memberships deactivated.


The email stated: "If you choose to DECLINE our new Privacy Policy , you will from [July 15] onwards no longer be able to use your Stars in the Stars Catalogue, as we will be forced to deactivate your Nintendo membership."


The new privacy terms will give Nintendo the authority to track users' browsing habits on the Nintendo site, as well as their Wii console useage. The statement said: "Nintendo will collect information about the way you use your Wii and the Wii Network Services including, but not limited to, information about the games you download and/or play and how long you play them."


However, closer inspection of the new privacy terms revealed an incentive to allow Nintendo access to users information. By linking the Wii Shop Channel account to the Club Nintendo account, users will be able to redeem Stars (included as a scratch card within every first party Nintendo title) to get Wii Points online, claim Stars for Virtual Console games purchased, and be able to check statistics from Wii games with online functionality - all depedant on availability, Nintendo said.



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Has anyone played Transformers, I want to know if it is good before I get it for my nephew.


I haven't had a chance to try it out personally but a friend of mine got it and was very disappointed. The combat is really bland and repetitive and the controls aren't that great.


Thank you, I will proboly get him Super Smash Bros or Mario Party 8, he is a huge Mario fan.

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So Resident Evil 4 got me playing my Wii again - it seriously rocks. $29.99 for this game is the best deal EVAR!
Damned straight, though its kinda said it took a REmake (haha) to make you (and me, unfortunately) play the Wii again. We need less of the minigame crap and more 'serious' games!
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So Resident Evil 4 got me playing my Wii again - it seriously rocks. $29.99 for this game is the best deal EVAR!
Damned straight, though its kinda said it took a REmake (haha) to make you (and me, unfortunately) play the Wii again. We need less of the minigame crap and more 'serious' games!


I agree completely. At least Metroid is on the way.

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