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The Official Nintendo Wii Discussion Thread

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I'm waiting to grab a Wii Play with no remote off Ebay or used at a store. I'm still slightly angry that it's not being offered on its own for those of us who already shelled out all the money for four Remotes!
I would buy the game then sell the wiimote for 40-50 bucks
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I actually think the Wii Vote channel is a cool concept! I love the fact that Nintendo is angling to make it more of a "lifestyle" system. I can't wait to see what else they have up their sleeve!


I agree, the Everybody Votes Channel is great. Pleasant surprise too, definitely was not expecting that to be released. My only complaint was that I wish the polls are daily, but that is fairly minor for me. All the channels are great, I love turning my Wii on daily and checking the weather, news, etc..


As for Wii Play, it really should have been a launch title. It's goal is pretty much to acquaint nongamers with the Wii Remote. Very simple gameplay, that isn't very deep at all. That said, a handful of the games are quite fun, but it definitely isn't a game you'll be picking up to play again several months from now (And I love me my fun "short burst" games like Wii sports, Warioware, etc.). I'm glad I picked it up (needed another remote, and is fun for what it sets out to do), and would not be surprised if fairly soon copies will pop up on EBay w/o the remote for fairly cheap.

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Well I got a question for you all.... have any of you made your own sensor bar? I decided to make my own just for fun and am wondering if I should make a photo report of it...... although its impossible to find infrared LEDs. Anyways I probably gonna put some pics of my struggle to make it

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Dude, The Wii looks fudging small. And even though i have never tried it, i still want it. But i'll stick to my 360 for now. *gets ready for flaming*

Why would you get ready for flaming? I think the majority of us could really care less if you have a 360. In fact, most of us here probably also have a 360. Not sure exactly what your point was supposed to be, if there even was one.



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